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So the Cubs win again. That makes me glad I picked them in MLB Survivor for today. I guess I live to pick another day. I’ll have to think on tomorrows before committing again to the Cubs. In the meantime, show some love via the comment section in response to my thinkings. Before that, I have a question for the readers. Do you find yourself bored by this season? For some reason, I’ve gone in spurts. Lately, i’ve been jazzed up, but there have been times this year where I have fallen asleep watching what turns out to be a good game, but the lack of early excitement has just lulled me to a pleasant nap. Granted, things have not gone as planned this year, but I really don’t feel that is the source of my boredom. I think it really steps from the lack of early offense. It seemed like in 2003, the Cubs were always quick to jump on the board in the first inning or at least by the third. This year, it seems as if all the runs are coming later in the game. I’ve not actually crunched the numbers, but I bet a higher percentage of our runs this year are coming later in the ballgame.

  • Everyone says that Jerry Hairston Jr. is a great option at leadoff. However, to this point, I’ve just not seen it. He really hasn’t done enough to impress me. Sure, he’s better than Patterson in that spot, but is he really worth the title of good leadoff hitter? I think not.
  • Mr. Rodriguez looked pretty good tonight in his MLB debut. He pitched well and had good command. He handled the bat really well, and fielded his position exceptionally. Not a bad night if you ask me. I’m just glad the Cubs came out on top.
  • Sergio Mitre will get the start tomorrow. I’m glad about this one, because I’d like to see him get another shot. Could he really be as bad as he looked the last time he made some starts for the Cubs? I don’t think so. He’s aged since then.
  • Personal Note – I shot my best round of 9 holes today ever. I will not reveal the score until that best ever number gets a little lower. Just know that I AM improving.