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Everyone Wants to Help the Cubs!

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How do we ìfixî the Cubs? Seems everyone and his barber has a solution. Including my barber but he’s a Cardinal fan so we won’t consider his help.

As I sit in the car waiting for the women folk to finish their shopping, I happen to catch the Reds post-game call in show. We Cub fans think weíre desperate! They are absolutely apoplectic down in Cincy. The fans and studio wonks alike are ready to clean house and in the ensuing discussion my ears perk up because they want to unload Danny Graves on the Cubs. ìHeyí they say, ìThe Cubs need a closer!î

No one ever says who they want in return but they are ready to say bye-bye to O Danny Boy.. In his last three appearences, Danny has thrown 2 and 2/3 innings and given up 9 earned runs. How sweet of those Reds fans wanting to help the Cubs so much. I am verklempt.


To be fair, this was Saturday afternoon, just moments after Zambranoís masterpiece went by the boards due to bullpen implosion and Graves had not at that point given up five runs on Sunday to the Indians.

Later that evening, the ladies all snug in bed, exhausted from all their shopping, I am wide awake so I tune in Baseball Tonight. There is Jeff Brantley, again, giving free advice to the Cubs as to how they can right their ship. His solution?

Make Carlos Zambrano the closer.

As ludicrous as this may sound on the surface, Brantley gave some pretty sound reasoning.
a. Zís temprament is that of a fiery closer
b. Zís ability to strike out a batter in a must situation.
c. When Kerry returns, the rotation of Prior, Maddux, Wood, Dempster and Rusch frees Z up for the pen.
d. The Cubs need to do SOMETHING!

All I can add is that this would put lower stress on the elbow and Carlos could resume talking to his brother on-line for hours.

The Next Series

This series with the Astros may not be the cakewalk many Cubs fans may hope for or expect. The last time these two met, Maddux bested Clemens in the opener and then the Cubs promptly lost the next two. The Astros were flailing before that series as well. When I was in college I took a class in billiards. When I played my fellow scrubs I was usually sloppy and ineffective. But when I played the good players in class, my game improved. I was seldom victorious but my concentration was sharper and shots cleaner. The Cubs might fall into similar patterns this week so we’ll just hold our breath and see what happens.

Oh and thank you for removing the graffiti from the header. The yellow was getting on my nerves.