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Sox Series not My Fantasy

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Forget about everything written ad nauseum about the Cubs-Sox series this weekend. (With notable exception to my colleagues at the View.)

How is todayís game going to affect me?

I joined a fantasy baseball league at seasonís dawn and up til now it has been rather harmless because it is an all AL set-up. But now we are complicating my life with Freddy Garcia facing Greg Maddux. How was I to know Garcia would be in this position when I drafted him as the ace of my staff back in March? Sure I knew the schedule but when you have all of 90 seconds to make a decision you donít mull over all of the ramifications.

Normally I would be all for a repeat of opening day, a good ol 16 run onslaught. But not against my Freddy! He’s lost back-to-back games as it is. Can we wait til tomorrow and Sunday to pummel the Sox?

This is not to say I hope the Sox win. I am still a Cubs fan, after all. That will never change. ButÖ. Could we perhaps have an extra-inning victory where Garcia strikes out 12 Cubs and exits the game with the score 0-0? Then Derreck Lee can crack the game winner in the 10th and everybody goes home happy. True, I wonít get 35 points for the victory but I wonít lose points, either.

Repeat the above scenario for every fantasy pitcher on my roster. Letís see, who else do I have? Matt Clement. Hmmm all sorts of mixed emotions there being ex-Cub and all. Did somebody say we donít face Baltimore this year? Good, cuz I have two of their starters, Chen and Bedard.

In other action this day I have Kenny Rogers and his 30 inning scoreless steak going against the Astros so gamble away, Kenny! By dayís end, be my guest to make it 39!