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Be The Tribune Co. For A Day

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One of my favorite things about Monday Night Football as a kid was watching the “You Make The Call” commercials. In case you’re not familiar with them, here is how they worked. They would show a play to test your knowledge of the rule book. It was never an obvious play that people would know. Then, they would ask you to make the call of what should have happened. I was always terrible at guessing mainly due to the fact that I was a dumb kid that didn’t know much about the rules. Nonetheless, it was fun to get a chance to make the “decision”.

As this season slowly inches closer to the trash heap, I’d like to give you all the chance to make the call. You’re the CEO of the Tribune Company for a day. You have only 24 hours to work before the other Trib members realize that you have the real CEO tied up in the closet. You’ll have to act fast and go in with a plan. Nothing is off limits, but it has to be able to take place in the 24 hr time limit. In other words, if you fire a manager, you better have a guy in mind to take the spot. If you want to make a trade, it has to be one that makes sense and is foreseeable, because trades usually take a good amount of dealing before agreement.

Fix this team before it’s too late. Do whatever it takes to get the ship righted and back on track. Post your plan in the comment section. I’ll post my plan soon.

Update: – It appears that the Cubs are in fact moving backwards. They have signed the backup infielder they talked about. His name? Enrique Wilson!!! I love what Rotoworld had to say: “Wilson, Neifi Perez and Jose Macias all on the same team. This should be good. Wilson better not have any fantasy value as a backup for Perez at shortstop.” At least we’re not the only ones that question moves. They also had to move Ronny “Bones” Cedeno down to AAA to make room. Rotoworld had this to say about Bones: “Cedeno went 5-for-16 with a home run while with the Cubs. He still should be the club’s choice to take over at shortstop should Neifi Perez ever join Nomar Garciaparra on the injured list” Ah, the frustrations that come with being a Cub fan.