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Foiled Again

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Yet again, the Cubs can’t seem to put together a 3 game winning streak. It’s actually kind of funny because at the beginning of the year, a fan wrote to Len and Bob and challenged them to grow a mustache (Len) and shave off his mustache (Bob) if the Cubs could put together a a ten game winning streak this year. I don’t think I would be too worried if I were them. This team will struggle to put together a 5 game streak if things do not turn around. I’m not giving up on the season by any means, I am just being realistic. This pitching staff can’t ever seem to stay healthy. A 10 game streak would involve going through the rotation two times with all five guys giving us a good start. I don’t see that happening. I said a few weeks back that the Cubs need to focus on winning each series. If they can do that, they will be fine. With that being said, we have Prior on the mound today to try to get the series win. Yesterday I mentioned that I felt Wood and Prior would both give the Cubs a quality start. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen from Wood. However, I’m crossing my fingers that maybe Prior really is back to full health. He never had major injury problems before the big leagues so there is no reason to believe he is prone. Maybe he’ll stay healthy and really lead this team like he can.

Diamond Notes From Last Night
I mentioned a few days ago that I have begun taking small notes on things I notice throughout the course of the game so I can mention them on here. Here are the notes from last night.

  • Kerry Wood – I stand by the fact that Woody is my favorite Cub, but I can’t figure out what his deal is. It seems like ever since he had that Tommy John surgery, he has turned into an injury nightmare. I had three things on my paper of notes last night. In order, they were: 1)Leadoff Walks are killing him 2)Horrible 1st inning 3) Hurt again??? If something really is wrong with Wood’s shoulder, the Cubs need to figure out what it is and quit throwing him out there to see if it happens again. Why is it that our medical staff is retarded. Last year, Boston’s medical staff comes up with new “surgical procedures” to help Schilling pitch. Our medical staff is revealed to be a group of bumbling idiots. Is it too much to ask to pay a good team doctor to evaluate our prize possessions. I look at the whole situation in terms of a valuable diamond. If I owned a diamond that was worth millions, I wouldn’t just put it in my house and hope nothing bad happened to it. I would do whatever it took to make sure it remained in tact and looking perfect. If that meant hiring guards or the best vaults money could buy, I would do it. It’s the same with our pitching staff. Perhaps the Cubs should have read my “Could be better Could be worse” piece on our staff. It’s a privilege to have the kind of staff assembled on one team. I will go on record as say we have the best staff in the majors from a pure talent standpoint. With that being said, the Cubs need to protect that with a good medical staff, good pitching mechanic people, etc. Instead, we seem to get the bottom of the barrel and it hurts as a result. Our team doctor is Stephen Adams M.D. I did some searching and it appears that we graduated from the Fienberg School of Medicine. I do not know very much about medical schools, but I know 1 good one. Johns Hopkins. Why not hire someone from there? I think this is a picture of our doctor but I’m not sure. If it is, he’s having way too much fun and looks way too young, whichever one he is.

  • Dubois – At some point, Dusty has got to roll the dice and give a kid a chance. Jason Dubois is hitting the ball so much better than Holly and he’s not had nearly as many opportunities. I understand not wanting to rush a kid, but if he’s hitting this well, why not give him a stretch of games in a row (say 10) and let him show what he can do. I think he’s tolerated the platoon with dignity and has come out swinging when given the opportunity. It’s time to play him. Last night, he got the chance to hit against a RH, something Dusty never does, and he smacked a game tying homerun. Give the kid a shot in the month of May. PLEASE!!!!!
  • Craig Biggio – Is it just me or does Biggio seem to be making a lot of drops. I saw him drop the ball twice last night on plays I make in softball easily. There was a grounder off the bat of power hitting Neifi Perez that Biggio booted into RF. Then a few innings later, the RF was throwing one in to Biggio and he dropped it. Neither mistake hurt the Astros, but it just makes me wonder how he’s looked this year. I’ll have to get in contact with people to find out.
  • Willy Tavarez – I believe that the Astros have somehow stolen Jim Edmonds and hid him in the body of Willy Tavarez because this guy has gunned down 2 of our runners with amazing accuracy. If the Cubs get a runner that may have a chance to score, can we please not send him if it’s going to be Tavarez throwing today. I’d hate to see the same play from the past 2 nights for a third time.
  • Train – Is it possible for that Astro train to be any more annoying???