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Welcome Back

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I suppose it’s about time for me to get something written before I lose all of my readers. My apologies go out to all that have stopped by only to be greeted by the same post leftover from Tuesday. It’s been a busy week at school as we prepare the kids to take the EOG’s next week. I’ll be extremely glad when those things are over and done with. In the meantime, I’ve been able to watch all the games, but just haven’t had the energy or desire to put my thoughts in the world of cyberspace, Until Now.

  • Maddux – It was good to see the Cubs pull out the game for Maddux last night. He’s been hard up this year to get a win. I did not have much confidence coming into the game against Clemens, but the Cubs did the right thing and got on the board early. Against pitchers like Clemens, you have to get them early otherwise they settle in and are usually untouchable. I am beginning to think that this will be the year that Maddux does not reach the 15 win mark. I know it’s a horrible thing to say, but his April win mark, coupled with his increasing age and hitability leads me to believe that this may be the year it ends. No matter what happens, Maddux continues to be a fiery competitor in the right way. I wish he would work hard with Carlos Zambrano to help him harness some of his emotions. When Maddux was not getting the calls he felt he should, he simply adjusted the gameplan and pitched well. Carlos, when put in that same situation seems implode Jose Lima style each time. At the beginning of the year, I said that was my biggest fear about Carlos Zambrano. He’s at a crossroads in his young career. He can go the path of Maddux or can go the path of Lima. I hope to God that the he enrolls in the professor Maddux class entitled Controlling your emotions 101.
  • The King – He has reclaimed the throne from Mr. Sly, whose reign was somewhat abbreviated. His return was triumphant as he pitched a 1,2,3 ninth inning with relative ease. Long Live The King!!!!
  • Willy Tavares – Man that guy is fast. He stole 2nd easily on a pitchout. Granted it was Maddux, who does not regard the runners with much attention, that was on the mound. Either way, he was in well ahead of Barrett’s throw.
  • Kerry Wood – This is my favorite Cub and I will stick by him. He needs to step it up tonight and get the Cubs their first 3 game win streak of the year. We’ve had a couple of opportunities this year and have not been able to make it happen. With Woody and Prior closing out the series, there is no reason the Cubs can’t sweep the struggling Astros in their own park. I feel like Wood and Prior will both pitch quality starts, which is all you can ask of your starters, and the Cubs will sweep the series.