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April 2005



Stupid Night Games

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I was so tired last night after the game that I just went to bed. So now I have 5 minutes before I have to leave for work to put my thoughts on the site. So, here they are in abbreviated form.

  • Macias was in the lineup (always a bad thing)
  • Neifi Perez was hitting .727 before the game in his last 3 games. Who needs Nomar?
  • It seemed to me that Paul Wilson balked about 30 times. He would a runner on and would not come to a full 1 second pause before throwing. I was always taught that doing that was a balk. Maybe i’m crazy.
  • My MLB hitting streak ended at 7 with Ramirez going 0-4. I knew I should have picked Neifi!!!!
  • Prior = AWESOME
  • Mr. Sly = NOT AWESOME

There are a few more thoughts I wanted to talk about but I’ll add them tonight after what I hope is another win.