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That’s a winner

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One of my least favorite things about baseball is the rain delay. I turned on the TV tonight ready to watch some baseball only to find that it was raining in St. Louis. Once the game got started, I began my new routine of jotting down my thoughts as it played out in front of me. Here are the observations from last night.

  • Be Honest, were you worried when it was 2 outs and the king trotted out of the bullpen to close it? Like I said before, “All Hail The King”
  • I had planned on bashing Nomar’s poor fielding and hitting in this post, but I guess that would be kind of unclassy of me seeing that Nomar was cursing in pain after what seemed to be a gruesome injury. Anytime you injure yourself near the manhood, you have got to receive a night off from the criticism of Cubs bloggers. I have not heard what happened to him as of yet, but I would assume he tore his groin and will be headed for the DL tomorrow or the next day. I would not be surprised to see Ronnie Cedeno get called up to replace Nomar should he need to hit the shelf for awhile. Cedeno has a slick glove and is hitting the ball well at AAA Iowa. A prospect report had this to say:

    “Cedeno easily has the best glove in the system…Still, he doesn’t draw a ton of walks, and his slugging percentage is buoyed only by occasional doubles.”

    Smith & Stroh Report
  • St. Louis looked awful on the defensive side of the ball, which was surprising. At times, I had to ask myself if I was actually watching the Cardinals. Whenever you have guys like Eckstein, Rolen, and Edmonds in your defense, you expect perfection. St. Louis was anything but perfect, especially Diaz, the young catcher, who was absolutely brutal behind the plate.
  • Why is it that every time Zambrano is pitching, he feels the need to try to knock line drives down with his bare pitching hand? Does he not know that he uses that hand to win games? If it were me, I get my hand as far away from a line drive as I possibly can to avoid having it knocked off my wrist by a Pujols line drive. Maybe once he grows up a little, or gets shelled in the wrist, he’ll wise up. Let’s hope it’s the former and not the latter.
  • Are you as annoyed by fans who reach into the field of play to try to catch baseballs that are IN PLAY. This annoys the crap out of me. Are these people not watching the game? Did you not just see the ump signal fair? I think that any fan reaching into the field of play and affecting a ball that is currently in play should immediately be ejected from the stadium. I know it’s harsh, but their actions could and often does affect the outcome of a baseball. I don’t think a real life example is needed here, right? Fans need to stop acting like idiots over a $5 baseball. If you want a ball that bad, come to my house and I’ll give you a whole box of them. Until then, quit sticking your hands where they don’t belong.
  • Last but not least, I was very excited to be able to listen to my favorite baseball announcer. I know Joe Buck is a Cardinals guy, but I can’t help but love him. I spent a year at Western Illinois University and when I was working, I would listen to the Cardinals games on the radio in the van. I loved listening to Joe and Jack Buck call the games. It actually made me look forward to Cardinal games because of how good the two of them really did. What I would give to hear a 3 game series broadcast by the following: Harry Caray, Jack Buck, and Pat Hughes. One per game. That would be heaven.