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April 2005



The Hot Hand

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No discussion of “hot” can fail to include Zambrano’s temper. We’ve seen 2 Mr. Hyde performances already this year. Big Z is a Cy Young candidate if he can avoid mental breakdowns in 85 % of his pitching performances. I hope the rest of the season is more boring. He’s 4 for 9 at the plate though; is he the Venezuelan Babe Ruth, the Venezuelan Fernando Valenzuela, or just a case in point of the importance of sample size? Only time will tell.

Neifi Perez has the hot hand right now. As stupid as I think Baker is for letting him hold a bat, much less swing it, the guy’s playing like un-Neifi, and as long as he continues to be red-hot, I now believe Baker’s doing the right thing. The MOMENT Neifi reverts to form, you’ve got to turn it over to Jerry Junior.

Jason Dubois: 11 AB, 4 H, 1 2b, 1 HR, 1 BB.
Todd Hollandsworth: 33 AB, 9 H, 1 2b, 1 3b, 1 HR.

Data sample small, but Hollandsworth is just gettin’ by whereas Dubois appears to have “the hot hand.” If you play Neifi, you play Dubois too, Dusty.

The Cubs are 5 out of 7 in the SB department. That’s a 71.4 % success rate, which is right on the borderline between helping to generate runs and actually reducing your run scoring potential. What’s cool is that our opponents are 5 for 13! HAHAHAHA. That can help a lot of Ryan Dempsters, Todd Wellemeyers, and Mike Wuertzes look better than they are. And I’ll take that. Keep it up, Mikey Barrett, just don’t forget you also get to hit.

Jose Macias: 1 for 13. 1 error in 8 total chances among all positions. Jesus, we might as well invite Larry Biitner back.

Take out Derrek Lee’s 10:6 BB:K ratio and the team has a 26:77 ratio. Gene Clines can’t work miracles, but that can’t get much worse. The Cubs have a .330 team OBP, good for 10th out of 14 NL clubs.

Best Cubs “Dungeons and Dragons” name:
BARTOSH, human barbarian level 8.
Runner up: NOMAR the Invincible, Gnomish Mage 6, and his imp familiar Neifi.

Don’t be too hard on LaTroy just yet. I think over the course of the season that his luck will even out. If El Pulpo and Joe Table could be passable closers for years, LaTroy certainly will. When Borowski comes back, though, I won’t mind if LaTroy gets put back in setup. The traditional closer usage pattern means the setup guys more frequently pitch meaningful innings than the closer, and that’s where we want our best reliever.

Take Remlinger out back and shoot him. The bullpen ain’t bad so far; Fox, Wuertz, and Bartosh have combined for 15.2 innings, 14 H, 16 K, 1 HR, and 3 ER. If Wellemeyer and Leicester can get it together and Remlinger dies, we’ll be okay.