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April 2005



Random Questions pertaining to the Padres Series

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So we managed to limp out of the series with San Diego with 1 win in 3 tries. Excellent, we’re well on our way to that magical 3rd place finish we call crave so badly. I have confidence we’ll pick it up this weekend. So, instead of lamenting about a lost opportunity at home, I’d rather pose a few questions I have in regards to the series.

Question 1 – Is it unhealthy to have a crush on Mark Prior in a baseball sort of way if you’re a man?

This sounds like a weird question, but I can’t help but wonder. I can’t describe my feelings any better. I just love watching this guy pitch. He has so much composure on the mound that sometimes I forget how young he really is. I love how he handles himself on the mound and always fights. He handles his own with the bat as well. Every time he pitches, the game is a must watch for me. The strange thing is, he’s not even my favorite member of the staff. He ranks third in that department behind Greg Maddux, my all time favorite pitcher, and Kerry Wood. They mentioned on the broadcast today that San Diego had originally drafted Prior after his junior year at USC, but he decided to return for his senior year. Imagine if San Diego had Prior and Peavy. Their staff would be sick.

Question 2 – When did Michael Barrett trade in his right arm for a cannon?

Last year Barrett had a Runner Thrown Out % at 20%. Already this year, he’s 6-10, for an astounding 60%. His throws have been accurate and his release has been extremely sharp. Not only has he gunned down runners, but he’s done it with a ton of extra time to make the tag. I’ve noticed at least 2 of the 6 runners caught that have slid into a tag that was already down and waiting for them. A lot of people harped on him about his defense last year, but I think he has worked extremely hard and is right behind Aramis for most improved defensively.

Question 3 – Is it just me or does Khalil Green look a lot like Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times?

All I think of when I watch him and his stupid blonde hair is that idiot ordering pizza in class and having it eaten right in front of him by the teacher. What do you guys think?