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April 2005



Write Your Own Wrap!

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Be the Cubs beat writer! There’s going to be about a dozen or so games like this, so we here at The View From The Bleachers would like to provide you with a simple template for creating your own blurb of the day’s game.


Ryan DempsterGreg MadduxMark PriorKerry WoodCarlos Zambrano held the PadresGiantsPirates to fourfivesix hits and struck out seveneightnine through fivesixseven innings, but the Cubs bats were silencedstymiedquiet in a loss of a 1-02-02-1 game this afternoon.

Jeromy BurnitzCorey PattersonTodd Hollandsworth misplayed a ball in the outfield for an error, which led to San Diego’sSan Francisco’sPittsburgh’s only run in a victory over the Cubs. BurnitzPattersonHollandsworth also went 0-4, striking out three times and stranding sixseveneight baserunners.

“It’s a tough loss. DempsterMadduxPriorWoodZambrano was throwing well out there, but we couldn’t put anything together on offense. JeromyCoreyTodd had a rough day, which can happen.” Cubs manager Dusty Baker said. “But it’s only AprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptember– there’s 162 games in this season, and this is just one of them.”

“We didn’t get the job done,” BurnitzPattersonHollandsworth said. “But we’ll go out tomorrow, put this game behind us, and try to put up another W.”

Cubs second baseman Todd Walkerthird baseman Aramis Ramirezcatcher Michael Barrett was in the dugout for today’s game, out with a sprained left kneesore groinfractured right index finger and is expected to recover in approximately two weeksfive weekseight weeks

“It’s tough sitting on the bench when the rest of the team is out there struggling,” WalkerRamirezBarrett said. “You want to do your part to win.”

Andy Rutledge is a reporter for View From The Bleachers. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs, mostly due to it’s utterly depressing content.