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GirlieView (11/13/2009)

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So Zambrano won another Silver Slugger award. I kinda wish he didn’t. First: he needs no more food for his already overweight ego. Second: it has the potential to serve as some sort of validation in his mind that he’s a hitter. I wouldn’t care except that he’s such a hothead to begin with, which as we’ve seen often derails his pitching. The more interest he puts into his hitting, the more likely he is to get upset when he doesn’t come through. And we all know what happens when he gets upset. I’m so over Zambrano. Now if only he’d get over himself!

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  • For me personally, “A Day in the Bleachers” recreates Cubs baseball with my dad at Wrigley Field. Day games. Bleachers. The community of like minded Cubs fans.
  • Can’t say I dig the Freshlook Colorblend Hazel contact lens on Sammy
  • How about the DH versus the the pitcher hitting? We can use those as placeholders for every argument we have here.
  • Thank goodness for Lee not being a FA this year, else he’d be the cream of the crop by far.
  • Use Miles as a throw in for anyone willing to send back a bag of balls and 6 maple bats.


  • The Cubs should pay Miles the 2.7 million to stay home.
  • Doc Raker

    I totally agree with you Lizzie on Zambrano. I am losing faith he will ever be a true ace. Who cares if he wins the silver slugger, it’s like Crash Davis with the most HR’s in the minor leagues, a nice accomplishment but not the accomplishment you are working toward.