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Book Thoughts

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It’s always hard to be positive after a loss, so rather than break down all the problems I saw in great detail, I’d like to just bullet my thoughts and move on to a new feature here at TVFTB.

What Went Wrong

  • Ryan Dempster – Contrary to what Al Yellon mentions, in my opinion, Dempster DID look as bad as his numbers suggest. Yes, he was getting some K’s but he also walked 3 over 3 & 1/3. That’s almost a 9 walk game over 9 innings. You can’t have that kind of walk output and then give up 9 hits as well. He’s never been a flat out control pitcher. Unless he fixes the walk problem, all the K’s will mean nothing. His career K’s/BB ratio is 1.55. Not too good. Especially when you look at a guy like Maddux who has a career ration of 3.55 and has been as high as 8.85. Maddux needs to work with this staff and impart some wisdom.
  • Dusty Baker – Once again, Dusty Baker did not get Dubois an AB. Please do not tell me that the only time he’ll get in is against LH. If that’s the case, his season is going to be a waste. I hate platoons due to the managers so anal about them. Give your hitters a chance in all situations so it makes them a better players.
  • Mark Grace – On my MLB Extras Innings package, we were privilege (wink wink) to get the Arizona Diamondback feed instead of Len and Bob. As a result, I was forced to listen to Thom and Gracie, both former members of the Cubs organization. Gracie spent the night bashing Sammy Sosa, which I found amusing, but if you’re going to broadcast a game, why are you going to spend THAT MUCH time bashing a player that isn’t even involved in the game. Get over yourself Gracie!!!
  • West Coast – I am so bitter about the west coast trips. It used to be that when I lived in Chicago, I was able to make it till 12:30 or so when the game would end. Since moving to NC, I am having issues staying up for the whole game and still being sane at work in the classroom the next day. I am glad the series is over, because I didn’t even make it through the whole game last night without falling asleep.

Book Thoughts

This is a feature that won’t happen as often as I would like, but we’ll see. Each time I finish an book, I will write a brief opinion paragraph or two about it. I love reading peoples opinions and recommendations on books, especially baseball books. I am constantly adding titles to my to do list to buy. Recently, I finished one of Charles Barkley’s books. When Barkley was playing in the NBA, he was always my favorite player. I remember dating a girl that was a Bulls fan. They knew that I loved Barkley and always frowned on me for it.

When I got the book, I was excited about reading it. It wasn’t supposed to be a basketball book as much as it was supposed to be Barkley sounding off on anything and everything. I read the reviews and all of them were high. However, as I read the book, I struggled to finish it. This book took me longer to read than any other book I have read in a long time. Basically, the book was poorly written, with Charles going on so many tangents. He would be talking on some topic and then all of a sudden he was talking about something else. Usually, when you read a book, each chapter is thought out and makes solid, well argued points. Not this one. I wonder if when Michael Wilbon read over the book to “edit” it, he was drunk. The book is written as if Charles just talked to someone and they typed. As much as I like Charles Barkley, I will not be reading his latest book, “Who’s Afraid of a Big Black Man?”

Where to

Final Rating – (2 stars out of 5)

Rating Scale
5 Star – Must Own
4 Star – A great read
3 Star – A good read, but might not be one to purchase
2 Star – A library read if nothing else available
1 Star – Avoid at all costs