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November 2009



Puresim Baseball 2

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If you’re into sim baseball games, and you know I am from all my mention of OOTP, then you will be interested to know that a new game enters the arena to battle OOTP and Baseball Mogul for sim supremacy.

The new game has some core features that include use of the Lahman database that allows you to recreate season as current as the dismal 2009.

Other core features include:

  • Browsable, automatically generated reference almanac containing thousands of pages of detail and stats for every player and team in league history
  • Full career and aging model with no limit on the number of seasons that can be played out in your universe
  • Tons of reports with almost every stat imaginable, including a full range of sabermetric reports for true Baseball stats geeks!
  • Replay history starting in any season since 1900 with the included and fully licensed Lahman Database. Relive or change history!
  • Edit everything! Ratings, stats, association settings and much more. A modders dream!
  • New UI Overhaul – New look front end UI.  More screen real estate, reduced and more consistent color palette
  • New Season Browser – a web-like navigation experience for copious amounts of stats for the current season

If you’ve not ever played a sim baseball game, this one has quick and easy setup as well as ease of learning curve. It’s worth giving it a try, though I have my biases coming in. I tried to put them aside as I played and came away fairly impressed. There are things I would change about the game, but overall, a solid product nonetheless. Head over to the webstore over at Wolverine Studios and at the very least, pick up the demo to see if it’s a product you’re interested in investing in.