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GirlieView (11/06/2009)

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Typically I’m not one to toot my own horn, but might I direct your attention to this comment, posted when Joe asked us to step up to the mic about the World Series:

So there you go. Yankees in 6. For all the right reasons.

Who said that? Hmmmm … think about it ….. got a guess? I’ll wait … go look …  yes indeedy it was ME!!! Thank you, thank you very much. I’m going to toot Seymour’s horn too because even though his guess was a hypothetical-sort-of “If the Yankees win in six it might seem to mean I’m rooting for them which I’m not” (poetic license taken there) he still called it!! Way to go us!


  • And this ownership makes me think we have a chance.
  • And the days of the outfielder who’s a good hitter but a poor fielder are gone, probably forever.
  • The pile of baseball books is getting a little smaller, but there are still plenty on the shelf for me to read
  • K. Gregg = $4.20, $-1.3, $-5.50
  • It’s absolutely astounding to see the drop in production we saw from Soriano and coupled with the crazy salary we paid for that, it’s no wonder his net value is negative almost $20 mil. Imagine what could have happened with that money.
  • Not much of note going on right now.
  • the fact remains that this team was out of contention in September and at that point he should have gotten evaluated and had the surgery.


  • Due to the dearth of comments I fear this weeks Lizard will be a Newt.

Have a great week everyone!!

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