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November 2009



Twitter, Pot Smoking, and You

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Happy Friday morning to you. Lizzie will be along with the annual Lizzie awards later this afternoon. Until then, let’s talk about some things I’ve read over the last few days. Before we do, though, I wanted to take a minute to remind you of a few things you might have otherwise not known about or forgotten about.

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Ted Lilly’s Injury / Surgery

Maybe it’s because I didn’t watch a game all September or maybe because I didn’t see it when it was mentioned, but I can’t remember reading or hearing anything about Lilly’s shoulder hurting let alone that surgery was going to be needed in the off-season. Shoulder surgery is not something we’re particularly fond of when it comes to pitchers in Chicago. I have terrible memories of Mark Prior and Kerry Wood and the towel drill reports we would hear year in and year out coming from spring training. We’re told Lilly will be back in April, but to me that means if all goes well. What if there are complications, does that mean May or even June? Will he come back as effective as he has been since he signed with the Cubs? Did you know that since 2006, Lilly has the third most wins (59) among lefty starters behind only CC Sabathia (67) and Johan Santana (63). That’s more than Cliff Lee and Andy Pettitte. Lilly is the best pitcher from a consistency standpoint that this team has and his health is vital to our chances next year. I really wish this surgery would have taken place a month earlier. Lilly addressed that by saying:

“If I would have known I’d be in this situation a month earlier and it wouldn’t have gotten better, then I would have preferred to do it a month ago,” he said. “If you’re going to go out there and pitch, you’re going to have to battle through discomfort and soreness. Sometimes they get better.” (Source)

Obviously he can play the hindsight card, but the fact remains that this team was out of contention in September and at that point he should have gotten evaluated and had the surgery.

Should Jim Hendry Be A Little More Worried?

A bad off-season last year, but a relatively good one the year before. I’m curious to see where people stand on Jim Hendry. I think he does good things, but like any GM, has his weak points. Trading appears to be one of his stronger skills, while his free agent signings leave some scratching their heads. What bothers me most, though, is his contract negotiating. Look at the long term, back loaded contracts that come with no-trade clauses and I’ve got to think that the Ricketts family can’t possibly be on board with moves like that going forward. In the Tribune, Hendry was quoted as saying:

“I’m certainly capable of leading the baseball organization to where everyone wants it to go, and if there comes a day when I’m not the right guy, then I don’t think I should be here anyhow.” (Source)

Do you agree with that initial statement that he is someone capable of leading a team to the championship? We’ve not seen it yet.

Promise at Third Base

Josh Vitters, who many regard as one of the top 50 prospects in the game came in 7th in Project Prospect’s ranking of the third base position. Vitters was a high school kid when he was picked, but he’s developing nicely and should be ready just about the time we’re looking for another third basemen to replace Ramirez. The note attached to Vitters on Project Prospect was:

Elite contact hitter w/ pop; Can he hit for power in AA with virtually no patience? (Source)

Vitters should start the year in AA, especially after a stint this year at the Arizona Fall League.

Maybe We Should Stop Telling People To “Keep Your Eye on the Ball”

An Idaho man is suing the Cubs Class A affiliate Boise Hawks for $2 million, claiming he lost his right eye when he was struck by a foul ball, according to a complaint posted on

Bud Roundtree, who was at the game with his wife and two grandsons, says the mesh netting around an elevated dining area at the stadium gives fans a false sense of security. (Source)

I’m not trying to poke fun, but at the same time aren’t there signs posted everywhere in stadiums to watch for foul balls? If you don’t want to get hurt, pay attention and don’t sit in places that put you at risk. I have an issue with $2 million that he’s suing for. I’m curious to see what you all think. Maybe it’s just me demonstrating a lack of empathy. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Potential Free Agents

Got this in my e-mail and I figured I’d share it with you as it’s that time again:

Random Linkage

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No Best of 7 for 1st Round according to Selig – (Source)’s pathetic attempt at a headline – (Source)

Tim Lincecum is a pot head that needs a crack whore for a girlfriend – (Source)

  • Lizzie

    Noticed and appreciated the extra RTs this week Joe, great idea!

    The Lizzies are written but Joe left us such great stuff to talk about here I’m thinking I might be able to snag a few more from today’s commentary. See y’all later!

  • BuckeyeCub

    I guess Lincecum and Soto are pot buddies then. If they were battery mates, this is how I envision a meeting on the mound would go:

    Tim: So dude you smokin’ joints tonight.
    Geo: Naw, man I’m hitting some bongs.

    Or at least something like that.

  • cap’n obvious

    I’m amazed that Lincecum was even cited…in NoCAl and Oregon where those bong water swilling folks all but condone weed. I guess major league baseball players are getting to be more like NBA players. I wonder when the illegitemite kid and deadbeat dad epidemic will ensue.

    Vitters is hitting .360 (small sample size) in the AZ fall league right now…not showing much power, but from experience, those AFL stadiums are enormous, and home runs don’t come easy. Nat’s 1st rounder Strasburg has more K’s than innings pitched, and a former college tammate of mine who is a pitching coach over there tells me he is regularly hitting 100MPH. I’d say make him a closer, but realistically, how many save opportunities would he get with the Nats?

  • Joe

    I wonder when the illegitemite kid and deadbeat dad epidemic will ensue.

    See Elijah Dukes

  • Seymour Butts

    The information age has produced many things that enhance our lives. I mean the Internet allows constant sports chatter, Real time news and easy access to all the porn you would ever want. But there are other issues that have less apparent benefit. Texting is, I guess, a way for the socially malformed to communicate. Apparently an actual conversation to hammer out dinner plans would not fill enough time of the day, so you can send a line at a time between friends. Twitter allows you to do the same between total strangers. Great idea for Steven Hawking, a certain road to obesity among most other folks.
    Jim Hendry certainly can lead us to the promised land. The problem is not so much the moves, but the astounding lack of even typical production in those moves this last year.
    Gregg the Yankees. Note that myself and Lizzie did state Yanks in 6 correctly. Doesn’t make me happy about it.
    Lincecum a pothead? didn’t see that one coming.
    Seriously, if alcohol is legal, pot should be too. If you’ve ever seen some one drive on pot, you know they stick out like a sore thumb. It’s because they are driving 8 mph on the freeway. Besides, somebody has to buy those week old hot dogs from Apu at the quicikemart.

  • BuckeyeCub

    somebody has to buy those week old hot dogs from Apu at the quicikemart.

    That’s Homer Simpson’s job

  • Doc Raker

    $2M for a lost eye? I can honestly say I don’t know what a lost eye is worth in a court of law, and hope I never find out.

    Besides, somebody has to buy those week old hot dogs from Apu at the quicikemart.

    That may be a Lizzie!