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October 2009



Step Up To The Mic: World Series

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I think I mentioned that I plan on doing this from time to time when important transactions or things like that take place. The concept here is to have people step up and post their thoughts on things so we can have them in writing for future reference. I can’t think of how many times I’ve probably regressed on opinions or things of that nature, but can’t find them to reference. I’m going to set this up for us to reference when looking back, which should be fun.

Let’s begin today with getting your thoughts and predictions on the 2009 World Series. With the Yankees advancing last night, the stage is set. I ask you to predict the following:

1. Will A-Rod win the series MVP?

2. Who will win this series and in how many games?

  • Seymour Butts

    It’s hard to make a prediction, when what you think will happen is not what you want to happen. If I said Yankees in 6, would I root for that to happen even thought I dislike the Yanks more that I dislike the Phils? Since I can’t be sure, I don’t gamble.

    I don’t care all that much who wins, but like basketball and hockey, and a marital conversation, want it over quickly. (Blatant attempt for a Lizard).

  • CubbieDude

    My SWAG (Statistical Wild-Assed Guess) is that the series MVP will be one of the opening game starting pitchers: either C.C.Sabathia or Mr. Lee.

    The Phillies will win in 7.

    See you in November.

  • Kris

    My SWAG (Statistical Wild-Assed Guess)

    There’s a phrase that should be used a lot more around here and in sports in general!

  • Joe

    I Agree 110%, Kris….well said Cubbiedude

  • Lizzie

    1. No, I don’t think he’ll be the MVP.

    2. Well let’s see, since I don’t really care one way or the other I’ll make it interesting for myself. I grew up with both teams, spent many days in both stadiums (neither of which are their current stadiums). There’s no question that Yankee stadium was cleaner, nicer staff, less rude, and better ice cream. So there you go. Yankees in 6. For all the right reasons. 🙂

  • MJ

    I was hoping the Dodgers would win. THen we could of had a Alyssa Milano vs. Kate Hudson, what acting have you done lately?, cage match.

  • Lizzie

    MJ obviously you are not watching the right shows. Alyssa was a regular on My Name is Earl last season. Did you miss it? 😉

  • No, no A-Rod MVP trophy.

    And I want to pull for the Phightin’s, but I just don’t think it’s in the works this year. CC and Pettite lead the Yanks back to the top of the mountain, I say in six.

    BTW, anyone else heard the classic stat of the Yankees not winning a WS with a Republican president sitting since like Eisenhower? Anyone looked up how much money ol’ George gave to the DNC in the last two years?

  • My SWAG- Jimmy Rollins
    Phils in 6
    Do I care, no. I am finding it hard to figure out who to root against.

    Go Blackhawks!

    How lousy did da Bears look? Jeez.

  • Kris

    Wait, the baseball season isn’t over? I’m really out of the loop…or maybe it’s just I couldn’t care less about the Yankees or the Phillies. 🙂

  • BuckeyeCub

    I got green riding on Philly, because I think they will win. I think Tubby will be the MVP fueled by some Philly cheesesteaks. But I won’t be watching much. I’m ready for the Bulls. I’ve given up on the Bears already

  • Doc Raker

    I do think the left handed hitting line up of Philly gives them an advantage over the Yankee’s at Yankee Stadium with the short porch in right. It played true in game 1.

  • JoePepitone

    A-Rod — no MVP (OK, I cheated by guessing after the 0 for 8 in his first 2 games)

    Phils in 7.