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October 2009



You Don't Think He'd…..Right?

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Mark posted yesterday that the Cubs finalized the deal with Rudy Jamarillo to be their hitting coach. In the ESPN Chicago article on the signing, it mentioned “The 59-year-old Texas native coached both Alfonso Soriano and Milton Bradley during their time with the Rangers. Bradley had his best major league season in 2008 under Jaramillo’s tutelage when he lead the AL in OPS.” – (Source)

You don’t think Hendry would be dumb enough to think this signing might be the missing piece to making Bradley work in Chicago, do you?

Marc Silverman of ESPN 1000 went as far as to say that if Hendry makes that decision, he’s not going to any of the games this year.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you Jim Hendry!

Please tell me you’re not dumb enough to bring Milton back. Just say game over.

If it’s not, it will be over for me.

As a lifelong suffering Cubs fan who has enjoyed Wrigley Field hundreds of times starting with my first game in 1975 against the San Francisco Giants, I hereby announce that I will NOT attend a game in 2010 as long as Bradley is on this team. I will not pay for tickets, will not accept comps, will not sit on the rooftops, won’t give them my seven bucks for a beer — or many beers.

What difference will this make? Who knows? The only other boycott I’ve taken on was in 2006. Others joined me and seats were empty. Enough for the Tribune to notice. They dismissed the team’s president Andy McPhail and spent a ton of money. Division titles followed in ’07 and ’08.

I know the economy is bad now, Tom Ricketts, but it’s time to cash out of the Milton Bradley investment or you lose me.

Some may call me a bad fan, so be it.

Many others will follow me. If you’d like to be one of them, please join my Facebook group. (Source)

I don’t think we’ll see Bradley back in 2010, but I’m not 100% certain. There were rumors at one point that the Padres were possibly interested, but the GM at the time, Kevin Towers, is gone. There are rumors that the Padres are close to signing Jed Joyer as their new GM. Hoyer was an asst. GM in Boston, where they have said they value players who don’t make outs and play hard. Milton fits that bill. Perhaps Hoyer will want to take a chance.

  • MJ

    The Yankees have all three of their corner outfielders at the end of their deals. Just saying… option…..

    I don’t think Bradely will be back either, I also hear Kevin Towers may be headed to Boston to help Epstein. Perhaps Bradley could land there as well. They seemed to be ok with Ramirez for enough years, what’s two (or one) more with Bradley?

  • cap’n obvious

    I love the idea of MB being moved to the Yankees…maybe we could get Gaudin back. It would be fun to watch the NY media and that certifiable nutcase go back and forth.

  • Pretty sure that the Cubs won’t miss Silverman at any of their games.

  • MJ

    I have no idea who he is. Then again, anything brought to us by the letters E S P N, are ignored in my household.

  • Seymour Butts

    I also doubt that Boardgame will be a Cub next year. None of the players quoted on the subject stuck up for him. That’s hard to find in a clubhouse, so I think he’s a failed, and completed, experiment.

  • If Hasbro come sback I will have a hard time even following the Cubs let alone go to one of their games. I am sure there are plenty of teams that will have him for the minimum with the Cubs picking up the $9.6M annual balance on the contract. Get his full contract traded, that might be a bit harder to do.

  • Mastrick

    If the Cubs got to unload Bradley for nothing in return and send $6M to his new team I think it would be a great trade. Addition by subtraction.

  • MJ

    Hendry said he will not be eating Bradley’s contract. I’d put him coming back at 50/50.

  • Doc Raker

    Yeh, let’s not eat any of his contract. Let’s just have a cancerous malcontent in the dugout and clubhouse for 2 more years. Good thinking Jim.

  • BuckeyeCub

    I read in the papers once that in a European league, 2 soccer teams made a trade. Team A sent some players to Team B in return for materials to renovate their stadium. Maybe Ricketts could do that, a complete win-win. Someone spends 20M worth of materials or cuts a check for $20M of labor, while we send the game board out of town

  • MJ

    Yeh, let’s not eat any of his contract. Let’s just have a cancerous malcontent in the dugout and clubhouse for 2 more years. Good thinking Jim.

    I don’t think he’ll eat most of all of his contract. Hendry must feel comfortable enough that he can find someone to take Bradley and his contract. Or, that Jamarillo can really connect with him, should it go that far. Either way, I’d say Bradley’s days are most likely done, it’s who will be acceptable to taking on the contract. The Yankees, BoSox or Mets are the only teams I can see eating that much.

  • Doc Raker

    The Yankees, BoSox or Mets are the only teams I can see eating that much.

    I would like to see the Yankees pick him up as for reasons stated by the Capn in post #2. Or maybe the Yanks circus is such that he will be a low priority for the NY media.