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Would You Rather

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I love listening to Waddle & Silvy on podcast from ESPN 1000. They play a game called would you rather in which people pose two options for the boys to choose from. Let’s give it a try with this one.

Would you rather see the Cubs win the World Series, but do so after moving to a new stadium OR never see a World Series win, but stay in Wrigley Field forever?

  • cap’n obvious

    Wrigley forever….I have gotten used to the idea of never winning the series…don’t think I could get used to a new stadium.

  • Joe R

    Whatever it takes

  • World Series. Definitely.

  • Kris

    The World Series–without a doubt. It will be a sad day when Wrigley Field is no more, but that day will come at some point. I love that place, but I’m a fan of the team more than anything.

  • Seymour Butts

    Move and win.

    Wrigley has charm, history and just makes you smile. It also has troughs to pee in, no parking, and a limit on night games. I’ve seen multiple other stadiums that are relatively new (S.D., Den, Sea) that are nice parks WITH amenities. At some point you have to trade in the 30 year old car you drove to high school and buy a nice new one so you can reliably get where you want to go.

  • Maybe the question should be: Are you a real Cubs fan who would like to see the Cubs win, or are you a fake fan who throws beer on opposing players and talks on your cell phone all game? Really? If people “love” Wrigley so much, what would they do if the Cubs moved and some new team came in? Would they root for the Rangers or Marlins if they played at Wrigley? What if the Cubs decide to shut down Wrigley for a season for repairs and play at Comiskular? Would those fans not want the Cubs to win the World Series that year because it would be on the South Side? I agree with Seymour, sometime you have to move on.

  • rob

    Move and win also. The question should have been would you rather see the Cubs win the World Series and always have to play in Wrigley or never win the World Series and move to a new ballpark.

  • World series, without question. I don’t care about a stadium (as much as I like it). I want a winning team.

  • cubbiedude

    I’m not in love with the world series. Especially in November. I do like Wrigley and the north side of my home town. We’re unique. Who wanna be like everybody else? And I’m already a winner.

    But it’s probably too late already; the Cubs have been discovered.

    On the other hand, I will take what comes.

  • Mastrick

    To me that is like asking if I would try gay sex once if the Cubs could win the Series. I know one of the two ain’t gonna happen, hopefully the Cubs will one day visit the Promised Land.

  • MJ

    That’s nice and PC.

  • Seymour Butts

    What if the Cubs would win a World Series AND you get a million Bucks? Would you do it then?

  • Bob

    World Series in a second. You could rebuild Wrigley! Essentially building a duplicate with nice amenities in a spot that was a little more fan friendly. It could look exactly like Wrigley but only nicer. Ivy, bricks, scoreboard, flags, same shape of the grandstand like they did at Yankee Stadium, only make it so there are no poles, so concrete doesnt fall on your head, the aforementioned trough, the ridiculous concessions, dungeon like feel of the lower concession area…….

    Only thing I would change is make the foul line closer to the stands and the “bullpen” mound higher and more dangerous and the tarp larger…more obstacles for players!

  • JoePepitone

    World Series, hands down. Love Wrigley Field but want a championship.

    In fact, it’s an artificial choice, as one should have little or nothing to do with whether the other happens.

  • BuckeyeCub

    World Series no doubt. Tradition is a bunch of Gregg

  • Lizzie

    For heaven’s sake Mark. Was that really necessary? Couldn’t you have made the point some other way? Christ.

  • MJ

    Welcome back to VFTB circa 2006.

  • I gotta’ say… I am pretty shocked that there are actual Cubs fans who would rather have the Cubs stay in Wrigley than win the World Series.


  • BuckeyeCub

    Those people are probably undercover White Sox fans pretending to be Cubs fans

  • BuckeyeCub

    Either that, or they’re aliens from another universe

  • World Series.

    Honestly, I would welcome a new field, as long as it properly honors Wrigley in its design.

  • rob

    I cannot wait to check back and see if Mark’s comment won a Lizzie.

  • BuckeyeCub

    Why does Wrigley have to be replaced? Why can’t it be renovated instead? And we either have it renovated all out and play at Sox park for 2 years like the Yankees did with the Mets in 77 and 78, or we do it in parts every winter like the Sawks have done

  • If the new stadium is New Wrigley on the same site then OK. If it is the Astrodome like or even Dodger Stadium like in the suburbs, no way. How can the Cubs play in a suburban stadium?

  • Lizzie

    Rob, ya think?

    I love Wrigley field, but I’ll take the win. Even in the suburbs.

  • Doc Raker

    At some point you have to trade in the 30 year old car you drove to high school and buy a nice new one so you can reliably get where you want to go.

    Clever Seymour but a poor ananlogy. Cars depreciate while real estate apreciates. There are buildings in Europe 1000 years old still functioning with trophs to pee in. I don’t think you will find any 1000 year old cars.

  • There are buildings in Europe 1000 years old still functioning with trophs to pee in.

    Yea…but unfortunately, Wrigley wasn’t built a) in Europe, or b) 1000 years ago.

    Wrigley (and I love the place) is falling apart, and, probably more importantly, it also doesn’t provide for adequate facilities for the players.

    Maybe if it WERE built in Europe, and 1000 years ago, it wouldn’t be falling apart. But it probably still wouldn’t have adequate facilities for the players.

  • Eddie

    If it guaranteed winning a world championship, I’d push the plunger that imploded wrigley myself.

  • I tell you what, let’s build a new Wrigley some where suitable for the new age players for that all important World Series Championship and keep old Wrigley for feeding all the liberals to the lions. I think that would work out best for everyone.