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October 2009




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Schadenfreude: glee at another’s misfortune

I expected to be watching postseason baseball to enjoy the game I love being played the way it was meant to be played.

Instead, I find myself deriving pleasure from blown saves, fielding errors (double play ball tossed from third base into right field; double play relay thrown from second base into the first base dugout), and watching the shivering “Boys Of Summer” dressed to mush dog sleds at the Iditarod.

So far, the best played postseason game was the last game of the regular season.

I actually saw a beach ball being bounced around behind home plate at Dodger Stadium. Say what?

Baseball playoff games postponed due to “snow”?

Play by play and color guys babbling incoherently? What’s that saying about: ”Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool,…”?

An entire weekend of Yankee Stadium games facing postponement due to rain/sleet/ winter weather?

Ball games going into the wee hours of the morning in the home time zone??

Pitchers whose curve balls won’t curve due to the weather?

Outfielders losing routine fly balls in the “lights/towels/hankies”?

Freezing fans huddled for warmth in the stands?

Empty seats at Chavez Ravine?

I was expecting the Cardinals to go to the World Series. Oops! They gone.

The eighth inning meltdown of the Phillies bullpen?

ARod coming to a rolling stop before attempting to “barrel” into the catcher at home plate? He didn’t look too athletic on that one!

Idiotic fans being told when to cheer: “Duh-Duh-Luh- Dut- Duh-Duh……CHARGE!!”

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

I shouldn’t be enjoying this, but I am.

  • Doc Raker

    I really dispise this post season schedule. It is ridiculous. To many off days and game sbeing played way to late in the year. Game 7 of the WS is scheduled for Nov 3. Crazy. Baseball isn’t meant for 20 degree weather. Starting games at 8:20PM, please.

    It is October 17th and it feels like the WS is weeks away.

    It is a shame that postseason teams play the most important games of the season in weather that isn’t fit for the game of baseball.

  • Starting games at 8:20PM, please.

    Why is this a problem?

    You know that there are different time zones, right? Any earlier than 8:20 (and even at 8:20), the west coast misses much of the game.

  • Seymour Butts

    Schadenfreude is the word that was going thru my head as I watched the ball clunk off of Matt Hollidays groin and the subsequent blown save. I was revelling in the Cardinals misfortune. …And I would do it again. Sometimes that’s all you can take out of a season, well at least the cards got pants-ed.

    As for starting times, 8 ish eastern seems about right, so us west coasters can see most of the games, and let’s be honest, who really cares if a bunch of Yankee fans stay up late. Their choice of living in the eastern time zone was freely made, if poorly thought out(sorry, Joe).

    We could have championship series played in a neutral nice weather location like Bowl games, but the home town fans lose out then. No good solution.

  • Why is this a problem?

    1) Any sport is built on a fan base and fans are made when they are young. Children can’t stay up and pay attention that late, their day is over at 9 or 10. The next generation of fans are missing out. Did anyone see the kid in the first row at Yankee Stadium th eother night. My wife is watching and says, look at that kid, his head is bobbing up and down, he can’t even stay awake and he is in the front row.

    2) It is warmer earlier in the day so as they pushback the schedule later in the year it would be wise to take advantage of the warmest part of the day so the game has a chance to resemble the real game.

    Playing baseball at 1am in 20 degree weather isn’t my idea of the best way to play the most important games of the year.

    I am also tired of 316 foot home runs at Yankee Stadium. Got to give it to the Yankees, they now how to play that short porch.

  • The next generation of fans are missing out.

    The next generation of fans are missing out, but not because of late start times.

    They are missing out because of high ticket prices (and many, many other distractions – other sports, video games, etc).

    I am sympathetic to your weather argument, though I don’t find much of a difference between an afternoon game and an evening game, or at least don’t see enough of a difference to change the entire schedule because of it.

  • I don’t find much of a difference between an afternoon game and an evening game,

    You probably don’t while sitting in front of your TV, but if you were actually at the park at 1PM vs 1AM I am going to guess there is a difference in the temperature.

    It’s really not a argument about the weather, just an opinion. If you like baseball in 20 degree weather, more power to you.