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Cinderella Story

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***CubbieDude Note: I realize that this book isn’t about the Cubs, or even about baseball, but since this is the offseason, and since the author, Bill Murray, is a Chicago area native and a humongous Cubs fan, I was hoping to get a free pass.***

The full title of this one is “Cinderella Story – My Life In Golf”. It’s written by Bill Murray with George Peper, and was published in 1999.

Bill, of course, is the local boy who figured big in the movie “Caddyshack”, playing groundskeeper Carl Spackler. That movie is based on his experiences as a caddy. As Bill says:

– “I caddied to make enough money to pay my tuition to Loyola Academy, a Jesuit high school. This was a tradition among the hardworking Murray boys – a tradition that did not include Andy and John, who were gifted and lazy and attended public school with the heathens. It was those two who kept caddying from becoming the family business.”

Caddyshack is a very funny movie, which I haven’t seen in years. I’ll have to watch it again, soon.

It turns out this book is largely about golf. And about the golfing in Bill’s life. Which should come as no surprise, given the book’s title.

**FULL DISCLOSURE** I am not now, nor have I ever been, a golfer. Or a caddy. Some guys in “the new neighborhood” (we moved while I was in 8th grade) caddied on a regular basis. Tried to get me interested. Didn’t work. But I can appreciate the comedic possibilities which Murray mines to great effect.

The book opens in The Lodge at Pebble Beach. I have been to Pebble Beach. And Spyglass. I’ve dined at The Inn At Spanish Bay. Heard the bagpipes. I’ve even camped on the fairway at Monterey Pines Golf Course. I’ve driven the Seventeen Mile Drive (“No Motorcycles Allowed”). Let me tell you, the Monterey Peninsula is spectacular. In many ways. But I’ve never golfed there. Never even thought of it. Does that make me a mutant? I prefer to think of it as “unique”. In any event I thoroughly enjoyed Bill Murray’s descriptions of that area.

Mr. Murray refers to our (his and my) home state of Illinois as “perhaps our nation’s greatest state”. That’s a good way to start off, regardless of how deeply his tongue might be planted in his cheek.

Then he riffs on the “actually” virus, which is, actually, very funny.

The author describes himself as: “a sore loser, but incredibly gracious in victory.”

He details the sensual assault that is breakfast at Paul Bunyan’s in Woodruff, Wisconsin, which I, too, have experienced.

Later, we spend time in Gilson Park and at the Bahai Temple in Wilmette, Illinois.

Here’s a quote from the book: “But once again, the French have an expression – better remorse than regret.”

Here’s another quote: “Life just becomes complicated, and in order to do some things well, like parenting or spousing, certain things have to fall by the wayside. For me it was hockey. No tears. No regrets. Hockey is out of my life now. Eliminating all televised sports is still on the docket.”

In my case, I had to let golf fall by the wayside. No regrets. Golf is out of my life. Fortunately, reading about golf, particularly humorous books like this one, is still on the docket.

I enjoyed reading “Cinderella Story – My Life In Golf”, and I recommend it very highly.

  • BuckeyeCub

    This is Terrelle Pryor 2, but since he sucks, I’m changing my name to BuckeyeCub.

    Bill Murray is from my hometown! Only he went to Loyola. Boo. I went to New Trier.

  • cubbiedude

    Hey BuckeyeCub,

    Nothin’ like a new name, I always say!

    I understand Bill Murray is fairly legendary at Loyola Academy. Did he enjoy that “hometown hero” status at New Trier, too?

  • BuckeyeCub

    He didn’t go to New Trier, so probably not

  • BuckeyeCub

    Another thing to mention, New Trier and Loyola are fierce rivals in every sport, the Northfield campus is literally down the road from Loyola, less than half a mile

  • cubbiedude


    So how did you end up at OSU (Ooops! I mean at “THE OSU”)?


  • BuckeyeCub

    I don’t go to Ohio State, I plan to go there for grad school. I’ve been a fan since 2006 because I played Hang on Sloopy in the pep band at NT, and OSU’s Marching Band plays that too

  • cubbiedude

    Ahhhh. The plot thickens…

    “Hang On Sloopy,
    Sloopy Hang On!
    (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,)”

    BuckeyeCub: What instrument do you play?

  • BuckeyeCub

    I played the trombone for 6 years. I don’t play anymore. Did you go to Ohio State?

    And it is not Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, it’s O-H-I-O

  • cubbiedude

    I stand corrected on the lyrics. Maybe I’ll make up some of my own.

    I never matriculated at OSU. But I’ve known a few people who did.

    Never played brass, either.