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October 2009



Welcome To My World

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Greetings! Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. There are many Major League Baseball Team owners, but today, I’m yours.

I’m the guy who just paid 845 million dollars for a bankrupt franchise. Some might characterize this as “not the shrewdest move”, financially speaking. But to me, it’s a bargain.

I thank every member of The Cubs Worldwide Family for your support. My heartfelt thanks go out to the fans, the players, and all the behind the scenes people who make it happen every day.

I intend to lead this team into the future by selecting the right people. Then I intend to stand aside and let them do their jobs. I do not intend to micromanage my people as some owners have done. I have the utmost confidence in the people I choose.

There is, however, one situation which demands my immediate, hands-on intervention, so here we go: Milton Bradley has worn the uniform of the Chicago Cubs for the last time. Let me say that again. Milton Bradley will never again wear the uniform of the Chicago Cubs.

I have instructed our General Manager to determine what we can receive, on the open market, in return for the remainder of Mr. Bradley’s contract. If we can get something we want, be it dollars or players or both, we will move forward. But, however, if we can not get exactly what we want in return, Mr. Bradley will remain on paid suspension for the next two years. Do I make myself clear?

In general, my operating philosophy is: “Hire Slow, Fire Fast.” So, with the exception of the situation I just addressed, there is no present member of the Cubs organization who will automatically not be invited back next year. I value our people. They are our greatest asset.

However, there is only one member of the Chicago Cubs organization who is guaranteed to still be here one year from today (God willing), and that is yours truly.

The Chicago Cubs meet their commitments, and I expect our people to meet theirs. Nonperformance will not be rewarded. Some of our most valued people underperformed during the 2009 season. They will be given every opportunity to return to expectations next season. They will not, however, enjoy a 162 game grace period.

Changing the subject, I have no doubt that ticket prices will, eventually, be rising. However, as of today, 10% of all Wrigley Field tickets (10% of Bleachers, 10% of Grandstands, and 10% of Box Seats) will be reduced in price by 50% for all 2010 home games. Those reduced price tickets will be made available on game day only, and will be honored for the individual purchasers only (ie, no scalpers).

The food and beverage menus will be expanded to reflect my epicurean tastes, as prices remain unchanged.

I intend to improve every aspect of the Wrigley Field experience, with input and timely feedback from our valued Chicago Cubs fans.

Once again I want to thank our Cubs fans. It all starts with you. I ask for your support, and I guarantee you this: your support will not go unrewarded.

  • Seymour Butts

    OK, I’m confused. I thought it was a book review, a quotation, or a wish for what the new owner might say. I like the thoughts, but not sure where they come from.

  • Doc Raker

    Good work boss, I hope tomorrows owner has your testis.

  • Not sure if this is REALLY from the owner…but, I like the philosophy expressed.
    Joe (long-suffering fan in the SF area)

  • cubbiedude

    I now return control of the Chicago Cubs organization to the Ricketts Family, the legitimate owners.

    Seymour, Doc and joe, Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.

    Mr. Butts, I can only say that my writing speaks for itself.

    Dr. Raker, I share your hope for a gonadotropin powered future.

    Mr. Grippo, How can you be suffering? You live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world (SF,CA). I’m glad you agree with the philosophy, though. Did you get a chance to see the Blue Angels?

  • cubbiedude

    Upon further reflection I realize that additional explanation is in order.

    In my comment above, I used the phrase “a gonadotropin powered future” which could be interpreted in a number of ways.

    Webster’s New World College Dictionary – Fourth Edition defines gonadotropin as: a hormone that support and stimulates the function and growth of the gonads. In other words, “grow a pair”.

    It is in this sense that I intended it.

    But it occurs to me that another, more sinister, interpretation could be taken.

    As Wikipedia informs us, Major League Baseball player Manny Ramirez was suspended for 50 games on May 6, 2009, for allegedly failing a drug test which identified gonadotropin.

    A nonbiased observer could, I suppose, misinterpret my “hope for a gonadotropin powered future” to be a call for the Chicago Cubs, under new ownership, to support the use of banned substances. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I apologize for any confusion.