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Dusty firing imminent?

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Today’s Chicago Tribune has an article in it that seems to indicate that Dusty is on the chopping block in Cincinnati. Should this surprise us? Do bears go poop in the woods?

Dusty’s career has been spiraling downwards since 2002. Most of us who follow the Cubs have witnessed his lack of management ability firsthand, he seems like a nice guy, the kind of guy you’d invite into your home for a party. Granted, he has some unusual opinions, he seems to feel that guys of Swiss ancestry such as myself are not as naturally predisposed to southern climates as are those of African or Latino ancestry. While this may explain the color of one’s skin it doesn’t naturally explain the differences in athletic performance. But Dusty seemed to think it did and the rest is history.

It comes as no surprise to me that Jocketty might be slightly disappointed in Dusty. Walt is used to very good management with Larussa and Duncan and that is not what he has in Cincy; since he took over the Reds I’ve felt that Dusty would be on a very short leash. Now it appears as though management changes might happen – some think that Larussa and Duncan might end up migrating to Cincinnati. Should I be surprised?

  • If Duncan and LaRussa go to Cincinnati, that would be a disaster. The Reds should have never hired Dusty, he is a horrible manager, and he likes unproductive veterans over young players, and he loves destroying pitchers. It’s a wonder Harang and Arroyo can still pitch.

  • MJ

    And he had little to no talent.

  • Interesting to wonder how the NL Central rearranges if St. Louis loses the best manager and the best pitching coach in baseball today, and even moreso if the duo goes to a Central competitor.
    We Cub fans learned that In Dusty We Trusty is/was a major scam, as he cannot manage, cannot lead, and cannot be trusted with any young pitchers (who will never become old pitchers, just former pitchers).

  • cap’n obvious

    While I agree that Dusty is a lousy manager on many levels, its hard to blame him for the Reds poor play the past 2 seasons. Only the greatest of managers can get crappy players to play above their heads for 162 games…Madden and Gardenheir are examples.

  • Jerry

    I am actively rooting for the Reds to keep Dusty and to even sign him to a long term contract. But of course I am a Cubs fan.

    As good as Duncan may be our having Rothschild has resulted in some of the best pitching in all the majors. The number of our “quality starts” rank up with the very best. And he didn’t sign Gregg and give up Wood.

  • Leo

    OK, Fire Dusty, let Genius Larussa go to Cinncinnati and Duncan can go to the Cubs. Duncan has to know that Larussa was part of his son, Chris being demoted to the minor leagues before being taded to Boston. I’ve heard that the real compensation for Lugo has yet to go to Boston. The Genius just wanted to get rid of Duncan but not lose his pitching coach.

  • Isn’t baseball funny. A guy like Dusty get’s a reputation of being a good manager because he has Barry Bonds in the middle of his line up for a decade and it takes another decade for baseball to figure out he has no leadership skillz. Cinci should have fired Dusty a month after hiring him when he lobbied for the Reds to pick up Korey Patterson.

    LaRussa certainly get’s a boost from Pujols in his line up but LaRussa has managed contenders for 3 franchises over 25 years. He an Duncan certainly know how toget the most out of their players. LaRausse will never manage for a team that can’t afford to keep true talent and I believe the Reds fall into that category.

  • I agree with you Doc. Honestly, the red flag should have been waived when he gave his take on walks, that they’re overrated unless you can, because they clog the bases for guys who can run. In 2006, I went to a Cubs game with a sign that said on one side: Can Dusty explain why walks clog the bases, but singles don’t? And the other side said: Can We Stop Playing Neifi (for CSN). Some fans saw my sign and gave a large round of cheers for it. And going by Dusty’s logic, since taking walks is bad, shouldn’t that mean giving up walks is good? When he got the Reds gig, I thought he was going to mess up Adam Dunn. Somehow he didn’t.

    I wrote 2 joke notes about him on facebook, and then posted them on a blog I don’t use anymore, they’re still out there:

  • Good work Terrelle, what a line up you have when Lee went down. Pierre, Walker and Murton funny.

  • That was in 2006. What do you suggest?

  • That was more or less his lineup in April sans Hairston until Lee went down

  • I understand, 2006, just funny seeing those names again.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    Oh, ok. Yeah it is funny. How weird to think of it, that opening day lineup in 2006, Lee and Ramirez are the only players still in the lineup from that team