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Questions I have

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As the season quickly approaches, there have been some questions I have been asking myself the last few days and weeks.

Why am I not excited about my favorite team in all of sports?

Sure we have injuries and a lack of big name acquisitions, but there is something deeper for me that just doesn’t have me excited. I like the team we have this year. I really do. I think we are better off in a lot of ways compared to last season. Yet, for some reason I just don’t have that buzz. Maybe it’s the fact that I have been working and not really paying as close to Spring Training as I would like. All I know is my national holiday, opening day, doesn’t seem all that exciting this year.

Why can’t the pitching staff stay healthy?

This one just baffles me. We have a good staff. No question about that. Yet, for some reason, no one but Maddux and Carlos can stay healthy and consistent for more than 1/2 year. Last year Woody & Prior went down. Clement was rock solid for the first half. We need 4 out of 5 guys to be solid for a full year if people are going to take the Cubs seriously as a World Series candidate.

Why are Mets tickets so dang expensive?

I know you have no clue what the heck I am talking about on this one. Dave and I, along with the wives are planning a weekend excursion. to beautiful NYC in August to watch the Cubs battle the Mets live from Shae. I was very disappointed to have to pay the amount of money we did and be sitting as far away as we are.

Why is Baltimore blacked out as my local market in NC?

I just purchased the MLB extra innings package 3 days ago so I can watch all the MLB games this year. When I was on the phone with the woman, she put me on hold while she checked on something. When she came back she said. “Sir, which team was it that you wanted to watch?” I immediately got nervous and feared the Cubs would not be shown for some dumb reason. In reply, she told me that Baltimore was blacked out due to local restrictions. I’m sorry, but Baltimore is 350 miles away. That should not be considered local market. Now I can’t watch my Hero, Sammy Sosa all year. =(