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What Happened?

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Everyone always says that Mark Prior has perfect mechanics. All through his first year and last year, we always heard that phrase. Now, I read Peter Gammons and he has a quote saying something a little different. Who’s right? I’m beginning to think that maybe Cub fans are so starving for a winner that we overhype these guys, then burn them out because they are supposed to be the saviors of the team. Maybe it’s just me being paranoid, but lately I’ve had this sinking feeling that Prior and Wood will never win 20 games in their career. Here’s hoping I am wrong.

They understand some of the skepticism, because Prior’s Achilles injury dragged on so long. “But it’s not like we’re trying to hide something and two weeks from now say, ‘Prior’s having surgery,’ ” Hendry says. Wood threw Saturday and threw well. They want to get Prior through the swelling in his elbow, then get him back on a mound in a few days.

“This is something he may have to learn to deal with regularly,” says Rothschild, who recognizes that the torque Prior creates throwing his curveball creates significant strain. “But it shouldn’t be a problem. Medication will calm it down.”