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September 2009



A Look Back at My Predictions

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I thought I’d have some fun and take a look back at the fool I made of myself (as usual) by predicting the order of finish for the MLB season.

AL East

1. New York

2. Tampa Bay

3. Boston

4. Toronto

5. Baltimore

NL East

1. Atlanta

2. New York

3. Philadelphia

4. Florida

5. Washington

AL Central

1. Detroit

2. Cleveland

3. Minnesota

4. Kansas City

5. Chicago

NL Central

1. Chicago

2. St. Louis

3. Milwaukee

4. Cincinnati

5. Houston

6. Pittsburgh

AL West

1. Los Angeles

2. Oakland

3. Texas

4. Seattle

NL West

1. Arizona

2. Los Angeles

3. San Francisco

4. Colorado

5. San Diego

I seemed to have the AL pretty well. Unfortunately the NL, which should be the league I pick with more accuracy, was a bit of a letdown for me. Boy that Arizona pick really looks bad now. I also wanted to highlight a little something from the comments section of that post.

Wow — same picks as my grandson made. And he’s 21 months old.

I’ll tell you the same thing I told him — “You’re nuts.”

Detroit? Only if they can score 14 runs a game. The White Sox should win their division fairly easily. Watch KC, as they are much improved.
Yankees? They might not even make the playoffs. They sure as hell won’t win that division. ~ Sherm

Good call Sherm. =P

  • sherm

    Sure, bring back the one thing I say from the day I took LSD. While drunk.

    On the upside, the grandson, now 27 months, is doing pretty well betting college football. Against the spread.