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Hmm, not sure what to make of this one. It appears that maybe Baker is already planning on jumping ship if the Cubs do not win a championship this year or next year.

PHOENIX — San Francisco Chronicle columnist Bruce Jenkins wrote recently Dusty Baker would not return when his four-year contract ends after the 2006 season.

Asked if he’s happy with the Cubs, Baker said he’s just “happy to be breathing” after beating prostate cancer in 2002. He didn’t care to respond to Jenkins’ column, which he said he hadn’t read.

“That’s Bruce’s column, his opinion,” he said. “I like Bruce. I haven’t talked to Bruce but one time since I left [San Francisco]. … I can’t comment on what somebody else says.”

Baker pointed out he has two years left on his contract and didn’t want to speculate on his future in Chicago after that.

“I have a lot of winning to do—a lot of winning,” he said. “If you ask me about something two years from now, I can’t answer that.

“This is the first time I’ve been on a contract longer than two years since I’ve been managing. … I wouldn’t have signed for four years for the first time in my career if I didn’t have that [championship] goal in mind.”

Lately I have been liking Baker less and less. He’s on my hot seat list.