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I liked the way Hendry handled things

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As Lizzy has previously reported Milton Bradley has been suspended for the rest of the 2009 season. This move was entirely justified as the player’s comments regarding the Cubs organization, clubhouse and fans became entirely too much to put up with. In my opinion the Cubs’ management showed patience and good judgement in how they handled this matter. Said GM Jim Hendry: “There have been a lot of issues that we’ve lived with during the year, but the last few days became too much for me to tolerate, to be honest with you. I’m not going to let our great fans become an excuse, I’m not going to tolerate not answering questions from the media respectfully. Whether you feel like talking or not, it’s part of our jobs. I’m not going to allow disrespect to other people in that locker room and uniformed personnel.

The only real negativity here is his own production.”

I don’t think there’s too much more to add to that; I don’t mean for this post to be about Milton Bradley’s misbehavior; probably 95% of Cubs nation realizes that this is a very immature individual that has very little control over his emotions and his utterances. In Chicago he’s poison, there’s nothing he can do to dig his way out of the hole he’s dug. The big question is how do you get rid of this guy, will any other team take him? The Cubs should eat salary just to get him out of the clubhouse but will there be any takers? Somehow the Dodgers miscalculated and took Todd Hundley in exchange for Karros and Grudzielanek, but who in today’s world would take Bradley?

Perhaps the best thing to do would be what LA did with Andruw Jones this year. If Bradley is faced with 1-2 years of being shrouded on the Cubs bench as a non-player perhaps he could be convinced to cooperate. Sometimes people make the messes they end up in, I know I’ve done it a few times in my life. All people can change, at least I think they can. Well, perhaps not all.

  • sherm

    Sorry, Mark, didn’t mean to post right on top of you…

  • rob

    He’s gone. I cannot imagine him being back. It is not like the Cubs to eat so much contract but I think they are ready to here.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    I wonder if the Cubs can disqualify him, that way we can suspend him and not pay his contract

  • I actually hate the way Hendry dealt with this, and it has nothing to do with whether I like Bradley or not.

    Hendry just took away ANY trade value that Bradley may have had, similarly do what he did with Sosa in ’04.

    As for the A. Jone comparison – Jones go benched because of production. There is no way that the Cubs would pay Bradley to sit on the bench when he is a better option than what the Cubs would be throwing out there.

  • sherm

    Hendry just took away ANY trade value that Bradley may have had, similarly do what he did with Sosa in ‘04.

    That’s true, and I agree with you, Dave — but I’m left wondering what value Bradley really had anyway. Now that he’s “gone and done it again” with his poor attitude, do you think anyone would want this guy? One stat is for sure — he’s batting 1.000 on this — malcontent on every team for which he’s played. Too bad they couldn’t have dumped him to a contender for a few prospects…

    Whether this needed to happen publicly or not, I don’t know. I suppose just benching him would have been sufficient. I wonder how much of this was to show the new owner that JH is “in charge” and has it under control.

    FWIW — I think Soriano will come back healthy and have a good year in 2010.

  • MJ

    not going to let our great fans become an excuse

    Well, that’s nice Jim. Who the hell are you going to let become the excuse? Because I’m not seeing a whole lot from anybody in the organization. Or is Milton the fall guy for the whole organization?

    Hendry handled this very poorly. He signed him, where’s his hand in all this? Maybe he shoud be suspended as well.

  • Kris

    Or is Milton the fall guy for the whole organization?

    Yep, he pretty much is this year. I don’t agree with his recent behavior (although he kept his nose clean most of the season), and I’m disappointed in his numbers. But in all honesty–the media and Chicago fans in general pretty much goaded him into doing something stupid all season.