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September 2009



The Active Hitting Leader Quiz

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Today we look at the career leaders among active players to see who holds the lead for various hitting categories. There are links to the leaders to each question. Make a guess and then take a look at the link to see if you’re right. Be honest, and share your score in the comment section.

1. Hit Leaders – (Answer)

2 Run Scored Leaders – (Answer)

3. RBI Leaders – (Answer)

4. Base on Balls Leaders – (Answer)

5. Strikeout Leaders – (Answer)

6.Stolen Base Leaders – (Answer)

7. Batting Average Leaders – (Answer)

8. On Base % Leaders – (Answer)

9. Grounded Into DP Leaders – (Answer)

10. Homerun Leaders – (Answer)

How did you do? Be honest!!!

  • sherm

    Batted .500 on that one. Missed one (rbi’s) by one slot…Good quiz. Lots of Cubs in the answers. Not.

  • The only one I knew was career HR leader. I didn’t know exactly how many he had though currently

  • Seymour Butts

    I only missed 7.
    I think it sounds better that way.

  • MGAD

    4 out of 10 for me. Not a bad batting average… the following right:

    Stolen Bases
    Home Runs