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Cup O'Joe – 9/18

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Trivia Question of the Day

Q: Since 1990, twelve pitchers in MLB have had 20 win seasons that included 200+ K’s. Can you name them? (Remember, no Google searches)

Discussion Question of the Day

Q: It appears that the Cubs have been out of it for the last week or two, but many have continued to hold out hope. Would you rather have the team come down to the wire and NOT make the playoffs OR have them out by the end of the August?

I’d rather see the latter so I can focus on football, but that’s just me. What about you? How many games have you watched this month?

  • Kyle

    Randy Johnson
    Roy Halliday

  • Johnson – Correct
    Schilling – Correct
    Halladay – Correct

    Lincecum – Wrong
    Beckett – Wrong

    Three down….Nine to go

  • Smoltz
    David Cone

  • Joe

    Johnson – Correct
    Schilling – Correct
    Halladay – Correct
    Smoltz – Correct
    Pedro – Correct
    Clemens – Correct
    Oswalt – Correct
    David Cone – Correct

    8 down….4 to go

  • Greg Maddux

    Pedro Martinez

  • Joe

    Maddux is wrong…pedro was said already

  • Kyle

    Tom Glavine?
    Jason Schmidt
    Livan Hernandez
    Felix Rodriguez?
    Andy Pettite (probably had the W’s, maybe not the K’s?)
    Mike Mussina
    Mike Hampton?

  • Kyle

    What about
    Chris Carpenter
    Adam Wainwright
    Scott Kazmir
    Derek Lowe
    Johan Santana

  • Joe

    1. Randy Johnson
    2. Curt Schilling
    3. Roy Halladay
    4. John Smoltz
    5. Pedro Martinez
    6. Roger Clemens
    7. Roy Oswalt
    8. David Cone
    9. Chris Carpenter
    10. Johan Santana
    11. ???
    12. ????

  • Kyle

    Jake Peavy?

    BTW, love the trivia! It’s a whole lot better than discussing another Bradley incident, a Zambrano meltdown, or 1/2-dozen other players’ under-performing this year.
    Keep ’em coming, Joe!

  • Joe

    Jake Peavy is incorrect

  • Seymour Butts

    Cliff Lee, Brandon Webb, John Leiber….ok I’m guessing.

    About your other topic, This year there is not the overwhelming depression of last year, as it has been spread out over the last month or so. so emotionally, this way is easier. But I’m not sure I can say it’s preferable. I’m so pissed at the underachievers, for being such, that I’d probably prefer a repeat of last year. At least then they played well for the season, before chocking.
    But I have payed more attention to football this year, and probably will continue to do so as my team should be good (Go Pack).

  • Lee, Webb, Lieber – Wrong

  • Kevin Brown
    Bob Gibson