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Another Cubs game has passed. On Tuesday I’m about to fly to San Francisco, we’re going to see the Cubs and Giants on Thursday and Friday nights. Joe has done a great job of spicing up this site with some awesome trivia, man do I like a positive attitude! And that is Joe Aiello – despite some issues with the ballclub he’s testing my mind with some good trivia. Thanks pal!

This has not been an easy season insofar as watching Cubs baseball – I look forward to watching each Cub game like I do an upcoming sigmoidoscope examination. Milton Bradley at bats – will he do something stupid or will Cub fans boo him? Why won’t Piniella play Jake Fox now that Soriano is done? Why is Bobby Scales playing in LF, are they trying to develop his homerun power?

More important to me are decisions regarding Baker/Fontenot, Soto vs. some other catcher to be determined, will D Lee be extended, will Reid Johnson be back next year (methinks not,) will Micah be 25 manned or exposed to the draft and will Harden be brought back (IMO we should save money here and go with Gorzelanny.)

Paul Sullivan posted on the Cubs’ theatre of the macabre in today’s Tribune. Despite a very mediocre season the Cubs had some fun and toasted their rookies. I’m not opposed to this because there has to be some levity in a poor season. My suggestion to the Cubs’ brass and team is simple – look at the prospects the rest of the season. Look for issues to address in the off-season and address them. I’m confident that Hendry has the skills to do that and I’m confident that the new ownership team has his back.

  • MJ

    Reid Johnson be back next year (methinks not,)

    They’ve already discussed bringing him back with Reed’s agent.

    Paul Sullivan

    Nuff said there. Sully is one of the wortst beat writers.

  • Seymour Butts

    Let Harden walk. He’s talented, but whoever signs him will not get their moneys worth. I’m not sure about offering arbitration, unless they are sure he will turn it down.

  • will Micah be 25 manned or exposed to the draft

    Why would he be exposed to the draft? First, he is already on the 40-man roster, which determines the eligibility for the Rule 5 draft. Second, he still has two options remaining.

    And I have no idea why Scales is playing LF every game. It is getting quite strange.

  • Doc Raker

    If Harden won’t close for reasonable closer money, not KRod closer money, let him go. Baseball is at least a nine inning game, 5 inning starters aren’t of value for a nine inning game.

    Does anyone really believe Hendry will jetsam any of these contracts?