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September 2009



  • pkp73

    Ichiro? Definitely Tony Gwynn & Wade Boggs.

  • pkp73

    Also, Don Mattingly!

  • pkp73

    Ooh! Gracie! Duh.

  • pkp73

    Oh. Gotcha. oops. Well, Gracie still counts.

  • Grace – Correct (8 diff. times)

  • Kyle

    Just going to throw out some names…
    Jose Vizcaino
    Derrick May?

  • Joe

    Theriot – Correct
    Lee – Wrong
    Sandberg – Wrong
    Girardi – Wrong
    Vizcaino – Wrong
    May – Correct

    3 down….7 to go

  • Kyle

    Rey Sanchez?
    Luis Gonzalez
    Doug Glanville
    Jeff Blauser
    Mickey Morandini
    Mark DeRosa?
    Corey Patterson?
    Matt Murton?

  • Kyle

    Couple of other guesses…
    Eric Young?

  • Kyle

    You know, seeing Theriot on this list shows you another difference between the past 2 years & this one. Why did this guy think he could “power-up”? (Sure, he’s only hit 7 but it seems he’s trying to hit more.) Really, we need him to have a high OBP & make contact, not worry about hitting HR’s. His BB’s are down & his K’s are up this year. Not trying to turn this into an anti-Theriot discussion… my point is that he is a representative of the whole.

  • Kyle

    What about someone like Bill Mueller?

  • juan pierre is def one.

    I think neifi did it one year.

    eric young def did it.

  • Rey Sanchez – Correct
    Luis Gonzalez – Correct
    Doug Glanville – Correct
    Jeff Blauser – Wrong
    Mickey Morandini – Wrong
    Mark DeRosa – Wrong
    Corey Patterson – Don’t Joke Like That
    Matt Murton – Wrong
    Grudzielanek – Wrong
    Eric Young – Correct
    Bill Mueller – Wrong
    Neifi Perez – Correct
    Juan Pierre – Correct

    Still 1 more to go.

  • Ricky Guttierez… one of the post-Dunston, better than Theriot, SS’s.

  • Guttierez – Wrong

  • Kyle

    Ramon Martinez?
    Jerry Hairston?
    Michael Barrett?

  • Nope for all three

  • Seymour Butts

    1994 was a strike shortened year, and only 350 PA s (113 games times 3.1)were needed to qualify for the batting title.

  • Joe

    Well done sir..Dunston – Correct

  • Todd Walker
    Bill Madlock