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A true fan he was

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Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time planning an upcoming trip to San Francisco with my father. On tap for two of the four nights we are spending in the Golden Gate city are Cubs/Giants games. Recently I’ve been thinking about selling one night’s tickets as it might be several years before I can visit the city again.

Then today I saw this article on CNN. It’s about a fan who kept his chin up despite the bad hand of cards he had been dealt and did the best he could. All during his life his zeal for his team never wavered – he attended his games until he could no more.

This year has not been a very fun year for Cubs fans, there has been a tendency for us all to become frustrated with a team that we hoped would achieve great things. Pretty soon I’ll be immersed in football, then hockey and college basketball, then in February pitchers and catchers will report. And I will think of Bill Sauer when the Cubs trot on to the field in Ho Ho Kam next spring to give me yet another season to remember.

  • cap’n obvious

    Nice job Strickler. Thanks for that. On a weekend where the Buckeyes choked, the Irish got jobbed, the Bears sucked, and the Cubs did…well, what they’ve been doing all season, this will help me get out of bed tomorrow and attack the world. I am glad I read this before going to bed.