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GirlieView (08/28/2009)

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I’m late!

Quick Weekly Wrapup

Friday, 08/21: @ Los Angeles Dodgers, L (2-1)
Saturday 08/22: @ Los Angeles Dodgers, L (2-0)
Sunday 08/23: @ Los Angeles Dodgers, W (3-1)
Monday 08/24: off
Tuesday 08/25: vs. Washington, L (15-6)
Wednesday 08/26: vs. Washington, W (9-4)
Thursday 08/27: vs. Washington, L (5-4)

Question of the Week

Let’s play a game. (We’ve got nothing else to do for the rest of the season!) I’m going to list off a random collection of Cubs (this week, pitchers), you tell me whether you would like to see them on the team next year. You can justify your choices if you want, or you can just give a simple yes/no. (For the cynics among us, I know that we won’t be able to wave a magic wand and get rid of these folks … contracts and no-trade stuff and maybe even the fact that no one else will want them will certainly play a role. But not here. Here, you are the almighty, and you can vote however you want regardless of whether it can actually happen or not.) Results in next week’s GirlieView. Please don’t spend time telling others why their choices are wrong. We already know we won’t all agree. Just play along and give your own choices. Here you go!

Which of these Cubs do you want to see on the team next year? (Pitchers Edition)

  • Ryan Dempster
  • Tom Gorzelanny
  • John Grabow
  • Kevin Gregg
  • Angel Guzman
  • Rich Harden
  • Aaron Heilman
  • Ted Lilly
  • Carlos Marmol
  • Sean Marshall
  • David Patton
  • Jeff Samardzija
  • Jeff Stevens
  • Randy Wells
  • Carlos Zambrano

Lotsa Lizzies

(too much to choose from this week, so I picked lots!)

  • remember who your worst enemy is Milton – you see him every morning when you shave
  • It won’t be the same when the 69 guys go to the Wrigley Field in the sky.
  • This ugly August has shredded any reason for confidence.
  • The Cubs are buried in the grave that they have dug for themselves.
  • If they roll over, so be it, but here’s hoping they go down like they’re defending the Alamo.
  • Triples. That is all.
  • Stand up triples? Or all triples?
  • Only those in which the runner must slide feet first and to the home plate side of the bag.
  • Well, that’s fair. For a moment, I thought you were being ridiculous.
  • I’m never ridiculous.
  • I thought the Cubs made a clear statement in LA. It just wasn’t one any of us wants to hear.
  • I bet he wears sunglasses at night though.
  • The prize should be an AAron Miles baseball card.
  • Loser gets one, too, but it’s signed.
  • The photo of Aron Miles on his baseball card is life sized.
  • We won’t even get started on how he offered to show a female reporter his shirtless physique to prove he isn’t lazy. (Note from Liz: ewww)
  • Every real cub fan must admit, That this year’s team has played like shit
  • Plus he’s got a cool name. [Rebel Ridling]
  • nice job representing, Joe. Also, nice job of staying off the topics of Milt and health care. and BABIP.
  • I guess I can unblock the month of October on my social calendar now.
  • I’m glad [Zambrano] “felt good” out there, because I was feeling rather nauseous at home watching him.
  • We’d be lucky to get a purple goat with the number 4 shaved on his side out of some lady’s trunk.
  • DeRosa has sucked balls this year.
  • One has the stuff and no brains, one has the brain and no stuff.
  • Bradley’s yap needs a filter.
  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    Aw, what happened to my comment about Soriano being Neifi Jr. if he had no power?

    Pitchers on that list I want back in 2010: All of the sans, Harden, Heil-suck, Gregg-suck, and Sasuckzidja

  • No Grabow, Harden, Gregg or Heilman. The rest can stick.

  • I’m all for Grabow coming back

  • cubbiedude

    I could live without Aaron Heilman. Some others could stay but would require new roles.

    I want Harden, Lilly, Wells, Dempster, Gorz and Grabow, Guzman, Marmol, Marshall, Stevens and Zambrano back.

  • The only pitchers on that list that I would definitely keep on the team next year are:

    Ted Lilly

    Carlos Marmol

    Sean Marshall

    Randy Wells

    Everyone else is expendable.

  • Doc Raker

    Harden as a closer, not as a starter.

    One move that did end up being wise was not resigning Howry, he has been disastrous with the Giants this year.

  • MGAD

    I would like to see the following back:

    Dempster – SP
    Gorzelany – Long relief
    Grabow – LH specialist
    Guzman – Set up/closer (if Marmol can’t figure things out)
    Hardin – SP, but if he agreed to it, he could be a dominant closer
    Lilly – SP
    Marmol – Closer (if he can figure things out)
    Marshall – SP
    Samardzia – RP
    Stevens – RP (seems to have some good stuff)
    Wells – SP

    Yes, I did purposely leave Zambrano off the list….I am very tired of him… much ability, so little dedication to the mental side of the game.

  • Seymour Butts

    I would like for Aaron Heilman to find a home elsewhere. Though I still laugh my ass off thinking of his anagram.
    And I’m OK with the concept of Zambrano not being on the team, save the dough to re up Harden. Of course trading him might be difficult.
    I’ll also vote to bring back Jenkins. Nice touch.