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August 2009



From the VTFB Fantasy Baseball files

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To say that this season hasn’t exactly been fun for Cubs fans is an understatement.   It has been somewhat akin to root canal – you still have the tooth but you have a sore experience and it cost a bunch of money.

I was amused by the last few transactions in the VTFB fantasy league – for those of you that didn’t participate this year there’s always next year.    The last five guys that were dropped were as follows:  Geo Soto, Khalil Greene, Johan Santana, David Price and Matt Weiters.    The guys that were picked up list as follows:  Alex Avila, Rajai Davis, John Smoltz, Jeff Niemann and Marlon Byrd. Harry must be watching from above.

  • cubbiedude

    Ouch!!! That one hurts!