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August 2009



The Cubs in Poem…by Moe Thacker

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Thought this comment was worthy of a spot on the front page, in spite of the lone curse word:

Every real cub fan must admit,
That this year’s team has played like shit,
They fail to hit when men are on base,
They haven’t hit at last year’s pace,
They’re falling further out of the race,
They’ll be lucky to finish in second place.
Bradley walks around with an angry face,
Soriano plays left like he’s in outer space,
The money they’re playing these two is a disgrace.

Their starting pitching is still strong,
It’d better if they could stay healthy long,
Harden always seems to have something wrong,
Zambrano just finished his rehab stint,
They’re still paying him a mint,
Dempster got hurt goofing around,
Tripped on a fence and landed on the ground,
At least Ted Lilly…..
Hasn’t done anything that silly,
The bright spot here is Randy Wells,
But the bullpen has put us through several hells,
They made Gregg our closer,
He was just a poser!
Now we got Marmol who nobody can hit,
The trouble is he’s off the plate a bit,

In 2008, Soto was rookie of the year,
Now his hitting brings only a tear,
Fontenot makes me cry in my beer,
Aaron Miles does nothing to cheer,

Kosuke and Theriot are just alright,
But the Cards are soaring out of sight,
Aramis is pretty darn good,
But we really miss De Rosa and Kerry Wood,

Everyone knows our mvp,
That would be none other than Derek Lee,

Now I’ll say this short, and terse,
Every day the team looks worse,
Their record is going into reverse,
Maybe they’ve been infected by the women of Circe,

Hendry deserves some of the blame,
Ken Williams has put him to shame,
You wonder if Lou still has the flame,
Whatever, this team is pretty lame.

It’s clear this team will never gel,
Maybe we just need to get rid of Zell,
At least Tom Ricketts is Cub fan,
Who’s to say he might be the man,
To lead this team to the promised land.

But for now this team is done,
Watching them is not much fun,
They don’t hit and they don’t run,
This year will not be our day in the sun.

  • Very nice, way to break out the shit word. How did it feel to vent with some profanity. I am proud of you, good job for gregg sake.

  • cubbiedude

    Haven’t heard from “Moe Thacker” in a few years. Great job! i can’t wait for the video.

  • moe thacker

    Thanks for publishing this and for your kind comments.