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Things could be worse

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Just when I was ready to cry in my beer this morning I noticed that the Tampa Rays failed to sign either of their first two draft picks (LeVon Washington and Kenny Diekroeger;) the Texas Rangers were also unable to sign their first round pick Matthew Purke. Both teams will receive compensatory picks in the 2010 amateur draft.

This has to be a real letdown for Rays and Rangers fans – even the Pirates and Nats sign their number one picks! Apparently Washington is a Scott Boras client and Diekroeger has committed to playing for Stanford; Washington will return next year to the University of Florida while Purke (like Diekroeger a high schooler) has chosen to attend TCU.

In other news around the league it appears that Larussa and the Cards are interested in John Smoltz – The Cards only have three starting spots “locked up” (Carpenter, Wainright and Pineiro) and are in a pennant race so this possibility has to appeal to Smoltz. I seriously doubt that Smoltz will add much upside to an already competitive Cardinals roster, they are probably better off just developing Boggs and making do with Lohse.

Also what’s with all the beanballs? Matt Cain has apparently met with Met David Wright after recently beaning the New York third baseman. I’m sure this wasn’t intentional but this is the third player this month to have to leave the game after being hit in the head. Is it going to take another Kirby Puckett incident to get players’ attention? Hopefully managers around the league are talking to their pitching staff about this recent spate of beanings, it’s one thing to throw inside but it’s another thing to pitch inside and high. Let’s be careful people!

In non-baseball related news Brett Favre has signed a two year contract with the Vikings; the Vikes are allegedly trying to find a trade partner for Tavaris Jackson. I for one can’t wait to see Favre in purple for the first time in Lambeau Field – Favre will be a marked man this year in the four games he will play against the Pack and the Bears. It’s highly probable that both teams will have bounties for Favre sacks and methinks Brett will be too old to get out of the kitchen to avoid the heat; I doubt he will make it through the season as the Vikings’ first string QB.

  • cap’n obvious

    Favra needs to go away. Has there ever been a bigger attention whore in the history of sports? Might be a good poll question for Joe. Or song fodder for Sherm.

    What happened to the King of the Castle contest? I have been resting comfortably in the castle for too long.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    Favre is not the final piece to winning the Super Bowl for Minnesota. Jay Cutler would have been