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A little nugget of info

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Maybe I missed someone mentioning this, but I found it interesting. In the Sunday Sun Times, Mike Kiley mentions that Greg Maddux will not have a personal catcher this year. Dusty had this to day:

”I’ll have [Barrett] catch everybody,” he said. ”I have some things in my head I’m going to do. Maddux thinks [Barrett] is going to be one of the better catchers around. That’s a pretty good compliment coming from him. Michael is going to get better. Our staff is tough to catch. We’ve got guys with velocity and movement.”

Maybe it’s just me, but but I am excited to see all the team player demonstrations everyone has been exhibiting since the team was cured of cancer. Since then, Maddux doesn’t need a personal caddy, Prior wants to be friends will Barrett, Walker is positive. All the juices are flowing. I’m ready for baseball, and I think this team will be ready as well.