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February 2005



Mr. Sosa

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Mr. Sosa’s initial business venture in Baltimore is a vineyard in the hills of western Maryland. On the bottle of Sosa Vineyard Select: “The growers provide the finest grapes, and I provide the cork.”


That said, I’d like to say that I don’t think the Tribune Company ran a malicious anti-Sosa campaign for nothing. Though they blew some things out of proportion, Sosa had been acting like an ass since the Larry Himes era, and somebody finally got so sick of it that they got rid of him.

Good riddance — the time had come — but I will, on two levels, miss Sammy. He was, after all, an excellent hitter for several years; that’s #1. #2 is that Sosa fits the same mold as Mike Ditka and Dennis Rodman in Chicago sports history. They were all strong personalities who couldn’t carry a team on their own, but if surrounded by quality, their strengths would make their flaws bearable. Granted, Ditka and Rodman won championships and Sosa did not, but he did have several great seasons for us.

It is with that in mind that I say good riddance and I will miss you all in the same breath, Sammy.