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August 2009



Fun with anagrams

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Since it’s an offday, and before Joe asks us what we think of abortion or gay marriage…I thought I’d post something…anything…

So — how about a contest? (Can it be a contest if there are no prizes?)

Best anagram of a Cub player’s name:

I’ll get you started with my favorite Cub…Milton Bradley:

1. Rabidly Molten

2. Amble Lord Tiny

3. Blame Dirt Only

4. Mordantly Bile

5. Notably Milder

Add your own Milty anagrams, or create some with other Cub names past or present.

Or we can rehash health care, I don’t care.


  • MJ

    I prefer healthcare discussion over more Milton bashing.

  • sherm

    Anagrams can be nice, too, MJ. Make your own nice Milton Bradley anagram and post it! Like “A minty bedroll”. Or “leotard nimbly”.

    Those are nice.

  • Doc Raker

    I thought it was a joke, a bad dream- not the anagram request but Aron Miles in the line up. He only gets one A in his name now since he doesn’t even belong in double AA, clubhouse boy in Peoria would probably be best for Aron. How can Hendry and Lou bring this guy back up with a straight face, the only way he belongs in a big league uniform is as a paying camper at Randy’s fantasy camp. For gregg sake, you can throw a dart at fantasy camp and hit a better baseball player than Aron Miles. Please, DFA, release or have Sherm’s cartoon whack this guy, just get him off this Cubs roster.

  • seymour Butts

    Reassembling the letters in Kosuke Fukodome’s name yields, Kosuke Fuk o do me.

  • sherm

    Fukudome is a hard one. Last name only I get Duke of Mu. Of course, everyone knows that Mu can be roughly translated (this is true) to mean null or without meaning in Japanese.

  • seymour Butts

    my bad. actually it’s Fuk U do me.

  • Reassembling the letters in Kosuke Fukodome’s name yields, Kosuke Fuk o do me.

    It would be better if you spelled it correctly.

  • cap’n obvious

    this could be a long offseason…

  • seymour Butts

    Ok, I thought this was lame, but it’s freaking hillarious.
    Aaron Heilman… I’m an anal hero

    Ryan Dempster… part dry semen

    Tom Gorzelanny…Lazy gent moron

    Rich harden… darn rich, eh?

    More later to be sure

  • cap’n obvious

    lord help us…

  • seymour Butts

    Here’s more..
    Sean Marshall… less anal harm

    Koyie Hill…. I likely ho

    Moke Fontenot… onto mink feet

    Aaron miles…animal sore

    Ryan Theriot…tiny hot rear

    Micah Hoffpauir… mariachi puff ho

    Geovany Soto…yo gave snot

    Carlos Zambrano…Czar boar salmon

    Derrek Lee..Elder reek

    And to get back to Milton Bradley…Rabidly melt on!

  • You got sofware for this crapola?

    Aaron Miles- Swings like a ferry.

  • lizzie

    Oh dear. Still over 24 hours til the next game. That’s scary!

    Yours truly,
    Lamb Haze Hoe Zit

  • cubbiedude

    The World’s Greatest Living Cubs Fan (my dad) likes to just spell the names backwards:

    Ron Santo becomes “Nor Otnas”.

    I wanted to share that with you.


  • Doc Raker

    ededeeibbuc- wouldn’t it be ‘otnas nor’?