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August 2009



  • Mastrick

    No doubt about it – Blanco. If Miles fails to impress during Blanco’s DL then he should be released; time to fish or cut bait Aaron.

  • cap’n obvious

    Blanco. For sure. Miles has no upside. A terrible hitter, and a marginal fielder. At least Blanco can play defense, and at some point, might hit.

  • Blanco has a major league glove and he hustles on defense and on offense. Miles has shown us nothing on either side of the ball. This contract is as terrible as the Jacque Jones was, as neither player had any leverage to get a 2-year, but Hendry offered it.

  • cubswin326

    Blanco. I’ve seen more than enough of Miles and his weak bat. Besides, Blanco is younger, more athletic, and has a little more pop.

  • Denio

    Blanco-Blanco-Blanco… I would take him over all three of our 2nd / SS players… Fontenot Miles and Baker..

  • I will be ridiculed for saying this…

    but for the record:

    Miles career BA: .284 (last year, .317 in 134 games)
    Blanco career BA: .248

  • Davood Dehnavifar

    I didnt watch the game… I couldnt was in class.

    That said, I did not need to see the game to answer the question… Blanco for the sole reason that he should be given a chance and is the cheaper option and we never should have signed Miles to begin with.

  • Tim


  • Denio

    Brian… Ozzie Smith’s career BA was 262… I know who I would take…

  • Doc Raker

    Blanco. Aron Miles is no longer a big leaguer. Please, this should be obvious to Hendry and Lou.

  • Fair point Denio, but I think it’s important to look at stats. Blanco has never shown he can hit. Miles has. He’s having a terrible year, but that doesn’t mean he’s worthless. Again, he hit .317 last year in 134 games and .290 the year before.

  • seymour Butts

    Uh… a thousand times Blanco.
    Sorry aaaaron, it’s all about what have you done for me lately. and lately, he blows.

  • Denio

    Brian… I have to admit that I really like the kid.. If you look at the # of games he has played in each year, he needs the AB’s and I am sure he can get his avg. up 30pts or more….

  • I think it’s important to look at stats. …Again, he hit .317 last year in 134 games and .290 the year before.

    Well… you are only looking at what stat, and a flawed one at that. And I think it is pretty clear that Blanco’s value is defensive, so I am not sure why you are only comparing batting averages.

    As for Miles’ .320 last year, it was helped by an unsustainable .342 BABIP.

    Now, unlike Denio, I am not convinced that Blanco will ever be able to hit. There is nothing in his minor league numbers (career line of .256/.317/.319) that would make us think that he could hit. But I think that there is at least an argument that Blanco’s defense brings more value over Miles than Miles offense does over Blanco.