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February 2005



Brooks Kieschnick Part 2

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Ok, James, you asked and I told you I would work on it. Here are the questions and answers from Brooks Kieschnick that you wanted.

Do you think you’ll get a shot at the closer’s role?

I don’t think so. My value to the team is to come in and get a ground ball and then come to the plate and hopefully get a hit.

Do you think you have what it takes to even be considered for the role?

I think I do. I closed in college quite a bit and love the challenge of being in games at the end where the game is on the line.

Would you want it if you did?

I definitely would not turn it down.

Would you ever consider coming back to play for the Cubs?

I always leave all options open. I can say I really enjoyed the fans there but I am happy where I am right now.

Don’t forget, Monday morning I will be posting my talk with Cubs play by play guy, Pat Hughes. I have to say, I enjoyed talking baseball with Pat for a little over 30 mins. He knows his stuff and I think you’ll enjoy what he had to say.