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July 2009



Jeremy Papelbon sticks one to me

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Just when I start dissing on Jeremy Papelbon, he drops a great outing on us.

  • Jeremy Papelbon pitched 4.1 scoreless innings
  • Rafael Dolis pitched 5.0 scoreless innings
  • Austin Bibens-Dirkx only allowed one run in 9.0 innings pitched
  • Melvin Camarena was 4-for-6 with 6 RBI
  • Rebel Ridling went 4-for-4 with a HR

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  • Mastrick

    C Chris Robinson is hitting .321 with one error in 70 games for Iowa. And we don’t have anybody to call up?

  • Austin Bibens-Dirkx. I am curious, not trying to make fun. Anyone know what the Bibens-Dirkx is in the context of genoalogy? Is Bibens his mothers maiden name or is there a Bibens-Dirkx family history. I googled it and was lead to the Nederlands for ‘Dirkx’ but don’t know where the Bibens comes from. He comes from Salem Oregan and was part of the Mariners system before getting his pink slip and then got picked up by the Cubs after pitching for the BC Seals in the Golden Baseball Independent league. He also sings. But where does this hyphonated Bibens-Dirkx name come from. Just curiuos.

  • oops, I meant Salem Oregon, I knew that didn’t look right. Probably not the only mispelling. Joe, can you get spell check on this thing?

  • Lizzie

    Doc, I found his fan club on Facebook so I asked him. LOL. I’ll let you know if I get any response. Better yet, maybe everyone should ask. If he gets asked a billion times he’s bound to respond! My guess is mother-father. Maybe we’ll find out!

  • Lizzie- question for you. Are you pro hyphonated names for children or anti? Assuming the name is derived from momma’s maiden name.

    Have you ever said on a date? My kids have to use my maiden name if we have children. Like, Ryne Lizzie-Dirkx if we have a boy.

    What happens if Bibens-Dirkx marries a gal with a hyphonated name, like Buss-Sherman and she wants to use her maiden name. This is our baby Aramis Bibens-Dirkx-Buss-Sherman, we are registered at FOA Swartz.

  • C Chris Robinson is hitting .321 with one error in 70 games for Iowa. And we don’t have anybody to call up?

    He also only has an OBP of .333. Yea, you read that correctly. Only a .12 point difference between his batting average and OBP. He also has a ridiculous high, and unsustainable, .368 BABIP. He also has a 5:1 K/BB ratio, yet doesn’t hit for any power.

    As for his defense, errors are a pretty poor way to judge a catchers defense. He has only thrown out 16% of base thieves and has 5 passed balls in 55 games.

    I’ll take Jake Fox as my backup catcher. And I feel strongly that Jake Fox is not a catcher.

  • Lizzie

    Doc, that’s never crossed my mind on a date. Though my friend married a guy with the last name of Lickers and I’d have had to consider the ramifications of that one probably on the very first date. (No offense to anyone with the surname of Lickers.) She is now divorced though I don’t think it had anything to do with the name. Heh.

    Not a big fan of hyphenation for children (no offense to anyone here who may have chosen to do so). What I DO like, though, is the mother’s maiden name as the child’s middle name. Not used as part of the last name, just as the middle name. I’ve known three people who’ve done this and they made for really great sounding names. Not sure how that would make it much better for Aramis Buss-Sherman Bibens-Dirkx though. 🙂

  • Doc Raker

    Outstanding Lizzie, Lickers funny. Were you in the Lickers wedding?

    I am anti hyphen also. I don’t blame the children, I blame the dad. Who marry’s a girl that demands to hyphenate their children’s name? I would never call a girl again once I got a whiff of that. Like dating a vegan, I could never- I dig steak. If I had a first date with a girl and she started talking about tofu and stared at me funny while I was eating my filet mignon, I would never call her again. But I digress.

    Good work on the Austin Bibens-Dirkx face book. Please keep me updated if he answers. Let’s not blame Austin, Mr Dirkx is another story.

  • Seymour Butts

    What most of don’t know is that Doc Rakers wife’s maiden name was Kanthit. This is why he’s so anti hyphen.

  • Doc Raker

    Funny Seymour. Would you even date a girl named Smells? Seymour Smells Butts?

  • Seymour Butts

    Depends, Is her first name Anita?

    This is degenerating into the kind of conversations we had with the Captain about Jim “Lassie” Edmunds last year. Where is the old pooch now?

  • Seymour Butts

    Seriously, My wife has used her maiden name and my surname (not really Butts) in variable combinations as to which went first. She recently took a job that has government ties and had to go get her drivers license changed to reflect the same name as on her nursing license. It became easier to drop the hyphens. I never could figure out what to call her, it depended on who was asking. Confusing at the least, I’m basically anti hyphen, but you go with the flow if it’s your spouse asking.

  • cubbiedude

    I like names. The more names the merrier. I like the concept of equal billing for the wife and her family. The Spanish model of “name” y “name” y “name” y “name” strikes me as elegant if not efficient.

  • Lizzie

    Seymour, happy for your wife that it’s really not Butts. 🙂 We’ve been getting some warnings at work that we need to make sure our “official” work name matches our drivers license if we are traveling since our tickets will be issued in our work name and apparently the TSA can’t tell that Liz and Lizzie might be the same. And that’s just the first name!

    Doc, didn’t have the pleasure of being in the Lickers wedding. Which is probably for the best because I’d have probably snickered or something otherwise inappropriate.

    Cubbiedude, I like names too. My British friends put “was” in front of their maiden name, which when you think about it makes perfect sense. “Jane Doe was Smith” would be someone who used to be named Jane Smith then married someone with the surname Doe.

  • Doc Raker

    Using maiden names in professional situations is understandable since your name becomes your best marketing. I do see a lot of hispanics in my practice and the double last name is always confusing. My wife is Mexican, on our first date I found out she didn’t want to hyphenate so I married her.

  • Sheryl McDonnell (Bibens)

    At age 16 he changed his name from Austin Mitchell Bibens to Austin Mitchell Bibens-Dirkx.

    However, I would like to say that I bet you won’t forget that name will you? Made you stop and think, and spend some time writing about it.

    Darn good marketing technique.

    Sheryl (formerly Bibens) 🙂