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What the Cubs need most (now)

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There is a lot of speculation as to what the Cubs need to add to make this another playoff season – some suggest a right fielder, others a second baseman, still others want another quality lefty out of the pen.   My suggestion is much cheaper and easy to purchase – duct tape.  For Milton Bradley’s mouth.  I have a suggestion for Mr. Bradley too and it’s even cheaper – Google the words “Todd AND Hundley AND finger.”  Learn about what happened when Hundley came to bat Milton – make a decision as to whether or not you want to listen to the boos every time you run to right field or go to bat.  For that matter, read about Jacque Jones and his brief stay in Chicago; the difference here is that Jones only cost $5M a year so he was real easy to ditch.  Not so easy with you Milton, you’ll have to serve out your contract and listen to the fans sing your praises.

I feel like many of our readership here seem to feel, we’ve been patient with Mr. Bradley’s antics and lack of maturity but now he seems to be hindering the team with his attitude.  Guys with bad attitudes can really hurt morale in any business, let alone a teamwork-intensive endeavor like baseball.  I’m hopeful that Lou Piniella will begin immediate tough love sessions with a three day benching.  This guy needs serious lessons in humility and it wouldn’t hurt for him to do some Dale Carnegie immersion as well.

This guy clearly has a “people problem.”


Speaking of guys with no tact, how about LaTroy Hawkins running his mouth with an umpire?  I’ve never seen a pitcher ejected for arguing balls and strikes in the middle of an at bat – I used to hate it when this guy would call into the Score and chime in like he was some kind of baseball fortune teller.  The ump clearly warned Hawkins of his impending fate, my hat’s off to that guy, particularly after taking a real nasty foul ball off his throat protector.

  • Boy, say what you will about Sammy Sosa but RF has become the Baseball Bermuda Triangle in Wrigley Field. Jeromy Burnitz. Jacque Jones. Kosuke Fukudome. Milton Bradley. Big money, little positive play, not much on the intangibles. Good Lord, is this going to turn into the problem that 3B was between Ron Santo and Aramis Ramirez? Sure looks like it might.

  • rob

    Jacque jones was a major reason we went to the playoffs two years ago. i will never forget that and cannot dislike the guy because of it. unlike some of the other guys i felt like he gave it all every game. sometimes he just wasn’t good.

  • Are you talking about MB’s comments after they took first place from the Cards. When a reporter asked him what he felt about finally being in first place and if he felt excited about the team. He could’ve said, ‘it’s been rough and we have a lot more season to go, but I think things are coming together and we are just a grind it out team’. Or even ‘through all the BS we kept together and we;ll keep playing well and together’. But no he said something like ‘so are you guys going to keep writing BS and the fans will keep booing and cheering.’ Basically 100% negative. Yea what a great guy to be around. What I don’t get is most of his old teamates say he was a great guy to have on the team. SO maybe he is just being a total dick to the media and he is really supportive of his teamates. One thing I can’t stand about Milton is when he;s at the plate, hitting fifth, and he deliberatly is trying to get a walk. In the five hole you should be driving guys in. I just get frustrated when he is so excited he got a walk when it would be great if he could hit! I mean the Cubs’ aren’t paying you 10 mil a year to take a walk. It would be fine for me if he was taking tons of walks but also hitting 280 and regularly driving guys in but when he is just straight up not looking to hit it’s frustrating.

  • MJ

    Step one, refer to the quote this is talking about. For all I know, Milton said he thinks Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are racist, and you took offense to that.

    Two, I get the distinct impression that Milton says the things that the other players discuss in the clubhouse, but aren’t comfortable saying to the media guys. The Cubs haven’t had a guy that took that leadership role in quite sometime.

    Three, he’s right. The media and the fans have been so goddamn wish washy this year, it’s aggravating. This team sucks. This team is awesome. Trade Lee. Lee is the greatest. Soriano is awesome. Now he sucks. Good lord. This is the team that I expected to see out of the gate. It took awhile, but they’re here. I’d rather they be hot in the second half, then the first.

  • Seymour Butts

    It’s quite possible that you guys in the Chicago area see media coverage of the Cubs differently than what I get on the west coast. Directv cuts off the coverage within a minute after the game, and WGN’s “10th inning” is about 20 min of commercials around 1 min of highlights. As such when I see Milton Bradley, I see a guy who knows his bat is not up to his usual standards and does what he can to get on base. If a walk is what he can muster, he has a very good eye at the plate. When he strikes out, he walks silently back to the dugout, even when the ump misses a called 3rd strike. It’s like he knows he has a target on his back and is very careful not to go off. I like his hustle in the field, and for our outfield, he’s a decent defensive choice.
    No he’s not hitting for the power that was assumed when he signed, but it seems obvious that he’s trying. Alf, during his long struggles, gave me no such indication.
    The media does like to stir up trouble, look an the Mets news conference of yesterday to see what I mean. If Milton needs to lift a finger, that’s the proper direction. He may no be what was bargained for, but he’s still getting on base. I like Joe’s suggestion in his column today as for how to best utilize that.

  • MJ

    This whole post just reeks of trying to stir up something over nothing.

    Why would Lou bench a guy that has the highest OBP on the team? Stupid.

  • MJ

    Seymour, Chicago media didn’t even cover this quote. They all wrapped up in how awesome the Cubs are now, and how they knew this was going to happen.

    The media here sickens me.