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January 2005



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So there was a flurry of signings yesterday, none of which came as a shock. The Cubs usually make it a practice to not send players to arbitration. Usually a one year deal is worked out to buy both parties some negotiation time. With that in mind, here are my opinions on the signings.

Kyle Farnsworth
I like this signing for two reasons. The first is, I am not ready to give up hope that this guy is going to reach his potential. I think this may be his last chance as a Cub, and he knows it. With that being said, I feel like this is his year. This is the year he puts it all together. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. You may think I’m crazy, but I would go on record right now and tell the press that Kyle Farnsworth is my closer if i was Dusty Baker. Give the guy a shot in the arm. Give him all the pressure situations and see what happens. He’s never had that shot, so why not. Maybe setup just isn’t his thing. Some guys flourish in the closer role (Gagne) and some guys are lights out as a setup guy but struggle closing games (Hawkins). Maybe Farnsworth is that kind of guy. Maybe the setup role just isn’t his cup of tea. With no better option than a question mark Joe Borowski, and a question mark Ryan Dempster, doesn’t a kid that throws 100mph deserve a shot. After all, he’s a question mark too, just like the other two.

The second reason I am glad he’s here next year is the fact that my wife comes into the room to watch when he’s pitching. So, at least I know she’ll have something to come into the room and at least watch an inning for every now and then.

Michael Barrett
I like this guy and i’m happy he’s our catcher. I don’t see him having the kind of offensive year he had last year, but you never know. I didn’t expect Ramirez to show anything but he did. Maybe Jim Hendry has seen something in Barrett and Ramirez that no one else did and he’s capitolizing on it.

Corey Patterson
Last year was his mulligan year. He was coming off a tough offseason of rehab and a letdown from the previous year’s start was expected. This year, I expect big things from Patterson. Make good on the hype Corey or the Cubs turn their hopes to the next Patterson.

I apoligize for the many spelling errors that are probably laced into this post, but I am at school and wanted to get something up quickly. Please pardon me this once.