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July 2009



Swatting the Nats

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Yes. We whupped up on the mighty mighty Nationals. Good for us. I am happy that we won four games — against anybody — so don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to point out a few things that I noticed. I only was able to watch one game — the third — the 6 – 4 victory in which Soriano hit the decision three run homer. Nice to see him hit one with men on base. So, he CAN do it when he’s not batting leadoff. Hmm. The thing I found most interesting in the inning in which Soriano hit what would turn out to be the game winner was the absence of Milton Bradley in the dugout celebration. Maybe he was in the clubhouse rubbing his sore leg from that completely feeble attempt to break the bat over his knee? I mean, really — a.) Soriano just picked him up BIG TIME, and more importantly, b.) the Cubs just took the lead. It’s still a team sport, right? He should have been on the top step to congratulate his teammate. But not our Milkit Badly — not his style. At what point will some of you who have been “giving him a chance” realize that the sample size is big enough. For crying out loud…do you see that Jake Fox is two rbi’s behind him now? I say that we are a better team without him in the starting lineup.

Nice to see that Fontenot is beginning to swing the bat again. He looks a lot looser than he did a few weeks ago. Von Joshua? I am seeing a different approach — taking the outside pitch and going with it instead of trying to jerk everything. Good. We need the production from second base.

 Koyie Hill is a pretty good catcher.

I thought Lou went to the bullpen too soon. Wells had JUST gotten it together — his first one, two, three inning — and had only thrown 80 some pitches when he was pulled. I’d have given him the ball in the sixth. He did the same thing yesterday with Hart with a big lead — not sure why, unless it was to stretch Samardzija out a little.

I know we swept the series, but Adam Dunn outplayed Milton Bradley.

This just in. Michael Jackson? Still dead.

 Rumor I’m hearing? Roy Halladay will be a Philly in the next week. That’s not good for the NL. Better than him being a Cardinal, though, which is also rumored. Apparently Chris Carpenter is one of his best friends…

Aramis is hurting. I think we’re lucky if he’s 75%.

I read that Lou is going to “personally work with Bradley on his swing.” I hope that’s synonymous with “beat the crap out of him and leave him somewhere.” But I doubt it.

On a side note: I may get to throw out the first pitch at a Pirate game (don’t ask — long story) and have been wondering…do I wear my Cub jersey? Thoughts?

  • Mastrick

    I wouldn’t wear the Cub jersey; wear a Cubs T under a Pirates jersey.

  • sherm

    Maybe if I check eBay, I can find an Aramis Ramirez Pirate jersey…

  • MJ

    Maybe if I check eBay, I can find an Aramis Ramirez Pirate jersey…

    That would be awesome.

    …was the absence of Milton Bradley in the dugout celebration.

    I never perceive things from what is shown on TV. They may have cut away before you saw him. Last year everyone was knocking Jim Edmonds, and after a huge win, he was the first one over the fence (a la Ryan Dempster) to celebrate. Perceptions are nasty beasts. Can we kill the Miton hate? It’s not getting us anywhere.

    Nice to see that Fontenot is beginning to swing the bat again.

    Von has obviously worked with him. His hands are up higher, and his stance has changed. Let’s hope it continues.

  • cap’n obvious

    The Washington Nationals remind me a lot of the Washington Generals. They lose like its their job. The sweep is nice, but I am far from being sold that the ship has been righted. It’s still listing on the side that Bradley is riding on. The breaking of bats over the knee is stupid. It really hasn’t been cool since Bo Jackson did it by placing the bat on his thigh and snapping it like a #2 pencil. Smashing it down on the knee risks injury. Its also a waste of a bat. In a slumping economy, maybe Milkit should save the bats and give them to the tens of dentists and optometrists having a tough time coming up with the dough for fantasy camp. A guy who had a season ending injury attempting to accost an umpire should be the last guy trying this crap. Of course, maybe he’ll suffer another season ending injury and we can be free of the moron. I love the giant swinging strike 3 with a runner on 3rd and 1 out. Don’t cut it down and put the ball in play, swing for the downs. 21 RBI and holding. It’s the bats fault. Bad bat.

    We can kill the Milton hate when he goes away or when he looks even slightly like a team player and a big leaguer.

  • MJ

    Not happy that the Brew Crew picked up Felipe Lopez. I still think he’d have been a much better pick up than Aaron Miles. Grrrr, Hendry.

    Perhaps the Tiggers would trade Bradley for Ordonez? Just askin’. 😆

  • sherm

    First of all, I’d trade Bradley for an Aramis Ramirez Pirate jersey. Second, he brought (brings) most of the hate upon himself with his antics, and so far, horrible baseball.

    Now before someone debates “horrible” — I think 21 rbi’s at this point in the season says it all. Yes, he walks more than most. I stand by my original sense of the guy, which is “The Milkman Stinketh”

    Hoffpauir has more rbi’s — in fewer at bats. As noted earlier, Fox will catch him soon: he has two fewer rbi’s in 140 fewer at bats. I think it’s safe to say that if Zambrano pitched longer into games that he might have more rbi’s, too.

    This is unacceptable by a $10M yr corner outfielder. His line would be great…for a utility infielder.

  • lizzie

    Sherm, back to your question about whether to wear the Cubs jersey to throw out the Pirates first pitch …. here’s the key determining factor: will the Pirates be hosting the Cubs when you get to throw it? Then you’d just HAVE to wear the Cubs jersey!!!

  • sherm

    No — they are playing the Cardinals…

  • Doc Raker

    The Cardinals!

    Wear a “Cardinal fans like it in the Poo Holes” tee shirt.

    I am praying to Baseball Allahs that “sitting Bradley for a few games while working with him on his swing” is Lou’s way of saying Bradley has been Wally Pipped by Fox, Hoffa and the rest of the Cubs OF cast will take it from here.

    Don’t you just have to keep Fox in the line up with his current numbers? He has ROY numbers given enough AB’s. I think we have two ROY candidates, Fox and Randy Wells.

  • Seymour Butts

    Wear a pirate outfit….a Somalian pirate outfit.
    See South Park studios for details.

  • lizzie

    Hmmmmmmm the Cardinals, huh? That actually makes it a tougher question!!!!

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    Wear something anti-St. Louis and a Cubs hat. That would really rub it in their faces. Bradley is a POS, he should have never been signed. Adam Dunn would have been a better option, and he would have cost the same. Say what you want about all of his K’s, but he is one of the most disciplined hitters in the game, he has a better OBP than a lot of .300 hitters do. I kind of wish that Bradley would have suffered a season-ending injury when he smashed his bat, the way I wished Grossman would get injured when he was stinking it up for the Bears. A little known caveat of Milton’s contract, 2011 only becomes guaranteed if he plays in 75 games this season. So far he has played in 74 games. Not only would this bum have been gone for 2009, but also we wouldn’t have him for 2011

  • Doc Raker

    Great, a gauranteed 3rd year of this guy- how much worse can it get- government run health care?