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Tuesday Trivia

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Since I hate the all star break and like taking the time off from thinking about baseball, we get a trivia question today courtesy of Sherm. I’ll give you the answer tomorrow unless someone guesses it. DON’T CHEAT BY USING GOOGLE.

Q: What HOF pitcher never surrendered a grand slam? The General Evilenko full The Jazz Singer download If I Had Known I Was a Genius hd Dracula movies

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  • sherm

    I hate the All Star break. I hate homerun derby — almost as much as the slam dunk contest in the NBA. I’d rather watch the national punt, pass and kick competition. Do they still do that? With kids wearing their favorite team’s jersey?

    I read an article this morning that the Trib is considering bankruptcy for the Cubs. Nice. More humiliation. I hate bankruptcy.

    I hated the first half of this year.

    I hate Milkit Badly.

    Have a nice day.

  • cubbiedude

    Me, I’m enjoying the Tour de France.

    A nice diversion from the baseball overload and Home Run Derby (retch) / All Star Break stuff. Looking forward to an awesome 2nd half of the Cubs season. Or at least seeing the Cubs playing the guys who should be playing.

  • Seymour Butts

    How about somebody like Cy young who played when few homers were hit, probably not as he pitched way too many games.
    Or Sandy Koufax, who played relatively few games, probably not, he was a dodger, and they suck.

    There is a Home run derby contest? What’s the point in that?
    Just another excuse for the Fat Prince of Mill-aire to not get along with his father.

    Only good part of the ASB, it’s much shorter than the off season.

  • cap’n obvious

    he may or may not have been an underwear model…

  • Prince Fielder is an underwear model? Gross!

    The HR derby is rediculous. Just stick a need in POOHOLES fanny and get it over with, he is a juicer.

    I am enjoying the wise Latina racist on CSPAN. It is a nice diversion from baseball to know our highest court will uphold race based biased in perpetude.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    I’m going to guess Pud Galvin, baseball’s first steroid user

  • JoePepitone

    I will guess Satchel Paige.

  • Answer: Jim Palmer

  • sherm

    Palmer’s philosophy was to never give in. He didn’t let the situation dictate how he wanted to handle a hitter. He’d rather walk in one run and not let a certain guy beat him than give up four runs in one swing. He always felt that if one batter got away from him…no problem — he’d get the next guy.

    Not one grand slam — in a twenty plus year career. As a starter! Pretty impressive in my book.