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Miracle of all miracles

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A Cubs victory when we really needed it! And not a badly played game either. Marmol did his best to give the game away in the ninth but we got lucky and pulled it out of the fire. How about that double play call in the final frame? Larussa wasn’t happy about the out call at second (the Cardinal baserunner was indeed out) and Piniella came out to talk about the call at first (the Card was out but Randy Marsh blew the call.) I was really afraid that the call would come back to bite us but it didn’t.

Derrek Lee was pulled due to neck spasms, an injury that’s bugged him all year. Unfortunately this is going to be a recurrent issue that will affect him from here on out (barring a medical advance.) I had a neck injury in 1984 and it occasionally comes back to bite me too; you respect it and a few days later it feels better.

It was nice to see Lilly pick up his 100th career win today – the guy has turned out to be one of Hendry’s shrewder acquisitions. He looks a lot to me like Kenny Holtzman did in his prime, he’s not overpowering but he has a “sneaky fast” delivery and good control. Tomorrow we have a crucial day/night doubleheader with Lohse and Zambrano going at noon and Wainright v. Wells in the nightcap. Hopefully a catcher will be brought up tomorrow to catch Wells – ideally we can play two catchers, two third basemen (Ramirez and Fox,) two 2B (Fontenot and Baker,) two shortstops (Theriot and Blanco,) both Johnson and Fukudome in CF and a mixture of Soriano, Hoffpaiur and Bradley in right and steal two. Lohse pitched well in a rehab game in Memphis on Tuesday and Wainright pitched 8 1/3 scoreless in his last outing so the the Cubs will have to be patient and square the ball up. Lee was quoted as saying that he would be ready for Sunday’s games; it would probably make sense to give Hoffpaiur a start versus Lohse.A Dennis the Menace Christmas movie Forbidden Warrior full If I Had Known I Was a Genius psp Stuart Little 2 movie full Then She Found Me dvdrip

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