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Sportscaster Contest

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Let’s get some entries in for this contest that I got in my e-mail yesterday.:


My name is Dan Weissmann, and I’m a producer at a local radio station called (89.5 FM WBEW), where we’re running a contest this month—the winner becomes our sports correspondent for the next six months.  No pay, but lots of glory, and I thought you and your readers might be interested.

We’re defining “sports” as broadly as possible here—topics could include anything from basketball to board games, depending on the person’s interest.  What’s most important to us is the person’s ability to engage listeners—to make folks feel like they have to keep listening, even if the sport in question is something they’ve never cared about—or even heard of—before.

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Which isn’t to say that we wouldn’t love to have someone who has actual expertise in actual sports.  That would be pretty freaking cool.

People can enter by recording two minutes of themselves showing their stuff—calling play-by-play, doing an interview, or just telling a story.  The easiest way to record is by calling our hotline—use your telephone as a microphone, and our voicemail system becomes your tape recorder.  The hotline number is 888-635-1112—press “2” to record. 17 Again rip

The deadline for entries is next Wednesday, July 15, and finalists will be given some on-air challenges later in the month.   The winner—chosen on July 30—will get our backing for press accommodation at events throughout the Chicago and Northwest Indiana region for the next six months, and they’ll get to be a radio star for a while.

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There’s more info (and that clip of the guys calling play-by-play of the lady trying to catch the bus) at

About our station: is a project of Chicago Public Radio, an experiment in alternative approaches to public broadcasting–no NPR content, no pledge drives, aiming to reach a younger and more-diverse audience.  A lot of what we do on-air comes from recordings that listeners create.  One of my colleagues coined the tag line, “Extremely public radio:  You share it, we air it.”  We’re at 89.5 FM and at The Time Traveler’s Wife release

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Thanks!  Please let me know if you’ve got any questions.

All best,

– dan

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