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Tuesday Trivia

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It’s that time again. Time for everyone’s favorite….TRIVIA!!! We’ll reveal the answer tomorrow unless someone guesses it before then.


Only three active players have ever had at least 45 HR and 45 doubles in the same year. Name them. (Bonus points if you can name the years)

Hint # 1 The Breed hd Maximum Overdrive hdAll three happened in the NL

Hint # 2

Inside Man video

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All three happened in this decade In Bruges download

Ghost World film

  • Derrek Lee – 2005
    Pujols has done it, don’t know the year.

    Not sure about the third one.

  • Seymour Butts

    Top of my head Larry Walker did it at Coors field ( mostly). But I don’t think that was this decade, It was before the turn of the Millenia. I don’t think he’s still active.

  • Ahh… figured it out, but I cheated on the third, so I will hold off saying who it is.

  • Tim

    Close….Todd Helton in 2001. Thanks!!
    Pujols was in 2004.

  • Yea… its Helton.

    So Helton (2001), Pujols (2004), and Lee (2005)

    FWIW, while Helton was clearly helped by playing at Coors, he was still pretty awesome on the road:

    Home: .384/.478/.774 OPS: 1.252 – 31 2b, 27 HR
    Road: .286/.383/.593 OPS: .977 – 23 2b, 22 HR

    But man… his home numbers were ridiculous.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    I would have guessed Pujols in some year, Lee in 2005, and Soriano in 2006

  • Johnny come too Lately

    Is it ok to still guess the answer?